Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Please note: this picture was taken BEFORE she drank the Pepsi :o)

Hope you all have a safe and wonderfully happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We got snow again. LOTS more snow.

We decided to return unwanted, un needed or just not picked up Christmas gifts today. The TV kept saying there were no lines and LuLu is off today. So off to the stores we go.

The roads were not bad. We had a Mullins Plumbing truck about take us out at one light. Their van stopped on ice and the driver had to gun it good to get the van going again. Good thing he was a good driver.

We had a return to Sam's. Had to buy another box of croissants. YUM! Also found books for 4.47 each. I purchased Patricia Cornwells "Book of the Dead". I was surprised I missed one of her books. The others were best sellers that I had already read.

My old boss at the bank sent me a Christmas card with a Borders Books gift card in it. I usually shop at Barns & Nobles so the gift card gave me an excuse to check out Borders. The store was nice but I am just more comfortable at B&N.

I bought come new Stampington magazines and A dark chocolate candy bar. Needless to say I won't mind be snowed in tomorrow. :o) The roads were getting pretty bad by the time we got home. The temp dropped from 35 to 29 in a blink of the turn signal. I was glad LuLu was with me as I had her out in the blowing snow pumping the gas.

On a sadder note Mom is still in the hospital. We met with the Doctor this morning. She said mom has pneumonia. They caught it early so she should improve quickly. Moms eyes were red rimmed today and she was more than slightly cranky. I got tickled at her when she said she was just a little under the weather. Bless her heart she really feels a lot worse than she did yesterday.

Have a safe tomorrow and keep warm.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Were you dreaming of a white Christmas? I sure was not.

Our Christmas is being cancelled as we are in the mist of a white Christmas blizzard. I saw my mom yesterday. I called my brother. fortunately my dd is here with me so it will just be us two for Christmas as the rain has been ongoing for a while and the temps are dropping.

We hit the grocery stores yesterday. That means the fridge and freezer are FULLY stocked. The winds have been clocked over 60 miles an hour and power outages are becoming more common. Man I just can't afford to lose all the food in the fridge as it is to last us two to three weeks. Course if it happens I will start my New Year diet early :o)

My heart goes out to those that have to travel in the white stuff. Since we have had rain since yesterday there will be a thin sheet of ice under the snow.

Times like this I wish I had a working fireplace.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

almost over

The house has sold and closed. The last of the furniture was loaded up on its way to a needy family in Tulsa this morning. Only one porch and the garage left to clean out. We should have that completed Tuesday.

Then all that is left to do is haul off the trash, sweep and mop the floors and hand the key over to the new owners. By Wednesday it will be all over.

We will then start the New Year off with a lot less stress.

Of course I still need to find full time employment. Proceeds from the sale of the house will hold us over for a little while. Hopefully long enough for me to hook up with a good company.

When I start pulling down a full pay check each week we will arrive on easy street :o) From my thoughts to God's ear.

All ready for Christmas. Just need to purchase some chew bones for the two dogs.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


They FINALLY listened to us? Us being the customer and "they" being the BANK. No.

Due to recent bank REGULATION changes they (bank) have finally taken our over draft amount out of our available balance. We have asked for this from our bank for years. Their answer? "We can't do that. The program is written to include the over draft amount. The only way to remove it is to remove your over draft protection."

Funny thing is Arvest NEVER had the over draft amount included in the amount. I thought then and still think this was just another way of a small town bank taking advantage of customers. Ranks right up there with small town banks that post the checks to the accounts, some times causing an over draft along with lots of charges, then they would post deposits. Ooops! They would say. Your checks arrived before the deposit was two minutes so now you owe us $35.00. AND being the nice people we are we did not send the check back we just charged you a small fee. PHOOEY!

So now the program no longer has the over draft protection amounts in your balance. Took the IT guy at the bank a flip of a switch to remove it. However, I can still guarantee you there is a hefty number on the income statement for overdraft charges. I worked at a bank and am NOT in favor of over drafting an account.

However I do have a question for those that do over draft their accounts. WHY do you write a $50.00 check each day of the week? Why not just write one for $400.00 and get it over with? Only one fee to incur? Why I ask? WHY????

Such a petty pet peeve :o)

I am sleepy and cranky today. I have tons to do and NO energy. Too much stress in my life that has nothing to do with the Season. Well, almost nothing.

I have a dirty house. I need to remove the rest of my mother's belongings from her house as we have sold it and will be closing next week. BIG stressor there. We still have fleas and my dd big dog is allergic to fleas so her butt is almost stripped of hair as she has chewed it all off. It is cold and have froze here so the dang fleas should be DEAD! ( I put new flea stuff on all the animals last evening and vitamin E on big dogs hinney)

I still work two jobs and my mother's health is declining. I know I should just be glad I have a paying job but I really need some energy as by Saturday all I can do is sit on the couch and yawn. Oh, and I EAT all day between yawns.

Other than that life is good. I have a warm soft bed to sleep in and too much food to stuff my face to get fatter with. I need more energy.

Guess I will have to give up and exercise. yuck. I would rather sew on my quilt and hammer on the metal jewelry I am making for Christmas gifts.

We watched Julie and Julia tonight. Such a good movie. We really liked it. I was not ready for it to end. Good lesson tho as Julia Child's lived to be OVER 90 years old and ate her weight in butter. :o)

Off to sleep in my soft warm bed.

Have a blessed December.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

An affair of the Heart

I attended "An Affair of the Heart" at the Tulsa fairgrounds today. From the crowd no one would ever guess our economy was in bad shape. A couple of the Ilse were so full of people I could barley breath! It got really uncomfortably hot and stuffy in the Quick Trip building. The crowd thinned out around two.

Oh there were several NEW hand made items. Some people are so very creative. I will take pictures of the two I bought if I remember tomorrow.

Street Cats of Tulsa booth had the new releases of the Laurel Burch purses. Of course they had the kitties patterns. I had to have one large purse plus a cute little zipper bag and the most gouges scarf. I also purchased an item from them for Lulu's Christmas gift. They had Laural Burch fabric made into catnip bags so I purchased one for my kitties. Let me tell ya I was surprised what a hit it was with them. Only my baby Jai did not have anything to with it. It must have had the good kind of cat nip since none the my cats ever go crazy over the cat nip toys I have brought home in the past.

My back started to bother me while I was walking around (after three hours) so I finished up and left. I had to go to Hobby Lobby for a new picture for my new office, however, the pictures were not on sale this week so I purchased some metal "stuff". I would have never guessed in a million years I would be into metal more and more as I age. The deer are everywhere on the roads it seems so I wanted to get home before it was dark.

Since the sun was still shinning when I left Hobby Lobby I went to the Chinese drive thru for Lu and I some take out.

Now I am tired and ready to clean off my bed and hit the hay.

Have a wonderful week end.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's HERE!!!!

My Christmas gift from my darling LuLu! I really loved her Kindle so she purchased one for me. She ordered it early just in case they sold out. How lucky am I!

I purchased the pink skin from Amazon also. Gives the plain white a bit of personality. I had Lu put the skin on for me. I must say it look GOOOOD.

I started my new job Monday. So far all is awesome. I had to leave early today as the nurse from my mothers nursing home called my cell with a message I was to contact her. I tried to contact her for half an hour with out success. Finally I just hopped into the car to go see her in person. She said mom was fine however she had fallen again. This time on her fanny. I went in and talked to her before her supper arrived and she seemed fine. I was glad to see the nurse attached a wheel chair alarm as mom was on the floor awhile before they found her.

On a happier note I now have an office of my own with a big double window I will be able to save my beautiful fuchsia. I may even try to over winter my bougainvillea after I transplant it into a prettier "inside" planter.
Off to bed.

Working a job and a half has really cut in to my computer time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Glad to be back home!

We went shopping tonight. We went to Joann's and of course Hobby Lobby looking for fabric for the quilt along I am doing.

I got a bolt of white Kona with my 40% coupon so I am ready to start on the quilt as soon as my other supplies arrive in the mail.

We hopped over to Red Lobster for supper as Lu was hungry for the all she could eat shrimp special. I of course stuck with chicken strips.

We were headed out of Tulsa towards home when the car made a funny sound and red lights lite up the dash STOP! Something blew all the coolant out of the engine.

Unfortunately the nearest exit was in a part of town I am never in after dark. We called triple A for a tow to the VW place and waited with the car till the tow truck arrived. The driver was just a sweet huge bear of a man.

I heard sirens and told Lu "they" were coming for her since she broke my car. From the opposite direction was more sirens. A police officer pulled up were I was standing and asked "Did you hear shots fired?" (can I just say: GULP!)

I told the officer the tow truck was too loud I could not hear anything over the sound of the motor. Scared the spit right out of me. I am not a fan of being around when someone is shooting a gun, at night, by a busy interstate, in a large city, in a questionable part of town. I just wanted to go home.

While we sat in our broken car at the VW dealership on Memorial we watched several cars racing down the street. I just could not believe how wild the kids were acting and how dangerous they were driving. Finally the police arrived and were chasing cars down.

The city laid off 21 police officers to cut cost and hired 18 back a week or so later. They need to hire another 100 officers to help keep our town safe. We have so many different gangs and wanna be tough guys and gals Tulsa is just not safe any more...........or I am just getting too old for this kinda stuff. :o)

Bless my sweet niece for coming and picking us up and delivering us safely home. I need to go to sleep but my mind is racing and my tummy is upset.

Poor ol'Lu has to be at work at 9 a.m. Pity those that have to work around her :o)

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Last blooms of the season.

This fuchsia is so very beautiful. I have been protecting it from the freezes we have had. I just hate to let it go.

How beautiful are those colors!

Poor baby Carter has had a stuffie nose. He wants to be held ALL the time.....if his human is standing up walking. If we sit down with him he gets mad and takes off. He is getting ready to jump up to my chest as I take his picture.

As you can see we have more leaves on the stairs and tracked thru the house than we should.
Happy November to all!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I HATE fire

Oh geeeezzzzzzz!

We went to Kansas for a birthday party tonight. They had a huge, roaring fire going in this huge pit. Long store bought wiener sticks. Did I mention the fire was HOT!!!

I BURNT my hands. I kept moving back from the fire but by the time I got my wiener slightly warm the back of both of my hands started hurting. I went into the kitchen where there was good light and the back of both hands was bright red. I ran cold water over my hands so they would quit burning. Have your ever!?!

Oh goodness they still are uncomfortable! I used to roast wienies all the time as a kid and while my child was little and NEVER burnt my skin.

The party was fun. The fellowship was awesome. I am off to put cream on my hands.

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 29, 2009


pics from the net

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love watching tornadoes. Especially when it does no harm. There are several indications of tornadoes bouncing around Oklahoma today.
We are having lots of storms rolling through today. Thunder so hard it rumbles the windows sometimes. The rain is stinging, driven by the hollowing wind. Bye pretty leaves...hello rake.
A lovely day to curl up with a nice cup of relaxing tea, watch and listen from my comfy chair to mother nature at her best.
Hope all your tornadoes are safe ones!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Saying Good bye

I am finally selling stuff from my moms house. Saying goodbye to all her lovely lovelies.

It is really hard to go to her house knowing she is not now nor will she ever be in her home again........ I wanted to donate everything to charity. Lou wanted to sell it all so I would have more cash to purchase stuff for mom. So I am selling stuff. Her bird baths and kitchen stove went today along with a ton of nic nacks. Bed room furniture will be picked up tomorrow. How does ones heart not break? How can I let go of the past with out tears?

We are having our first bad freeze tonight. All the plants will be gone tomorrow as I do not have a green house to over winter the beautiful beauties I had the pleasure of tending this year.

The sun will be out tomorrow and I will be in a better mood.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few leads

Isn't that just the sweetest face!!! I just love giraffes.

I have a couple of leads on jobs.

One is with the Cherokee Nation. They email me after they received my resume to fill out an application.

One job is teaching "Cultural Enrichment" for the school system here. They prefer the instructor speak Cherokee. Since I know some French I should be able to learn Cherokee? How hard could it be?? gulp

Found out today that my drivers license is expired! Last month.........geesh.....I do not want to take the drivers test again. Good thing they requested my DL number on the application.

Hope everyone is having sun shine in their life!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh what a night!

or more accurately morning. (monster dog, sweet BaiLea above)

I just got comfy in my warm bed when my dd burst into my room yelling "the dogs are out of the yard!" It was almost 3 a.m. ugh!

We are getting ready for the sale over at my moms house and are including our junk in her sale. Lu (for some reason?) went to the pole barn out back and left the side gate open. While she was out on the patio smoking she saw the dogs in the neighbors yard. Then it started misting. So I pulled on my jeans over my night gown and ran out side bare footed walking very fast up and down the block whisper yelling MAGGIE!

Luckily she caught BaiLea and I heard my beagle barking at me as she ran back into our yard. All is well except we along with the dogs are now VERY wet. So I get back in bed and keep noticing a light flashing out front. We have had a rash of "someone" busting out car windows and stealing stuff from autos in our area so I think someone either heard us or saw us walking in yards, thinking we are up to no good and called the police. I pull on my clothes to go out and tell the officers it was just us looking for our dogs.

It is now around 4 a.m.

As I head out the front door I see that Lu has placed all the boxes for the garage sale on our covered porch. The cover is a sun shade and does not keep driving rain off the porch. Well the lights I had been seeing was lightning and it was gearing up for a good storm. So now WE are out there hauling boxes back into the house so all our junk does not get FOUR in the morning and it was raining hard so once again we got soaked.

Needless to say it was close to SIX a.m. before all was settled down and back to sleep. Now I am so very tired. I still need to go into the store and work on the books. I just love the first of the month. :o)

I for one will be so glad when all of this stress is over.

Have a joy filled day


Sunday, October 4, 2009


What on earth happened to our summer? I think we went straight into the down side of fall. It has been cold and moist here. I was thinking we could have a nice long Indian summer. Blame Brooks and Dun. Their latest song is to blame. :o)
As you can see in the pic above Carter and Jai take over my sewing machine space every time I leave the room. Jai is usually on the bottom lounging by my feet.
I am ready for Monday. How about you?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sue Spargo Eye Candy

the quilt above is Sue Spargo design made by another lady whose name I can't remember. It was so very beautiful in person.
When I took Sues picture (see post below) she gave me permission to post these pictures. I can't post all of the pics I took as there were two unpublished quilts at the trunk show that she asked us not to post. Of course I forgot the two we can't show. So I am only posting the safe ones.

I absolutely love giraffes. This is such a cute quilt.

Close up of the giraffes.

Picture of one of the purses. My daughter wants the back pack Sue designed. I won't use as much wool in the one I make as the material is just too expensive.
I bought a bunch of decorators sample books so I will use that fabric to make a couple of purses and dd back pack.
Have a joy filled week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sue Spargo

Thursday evening was Sue Spargo Trunk Show. OH MY GOSH! This is one talented lady.

From 9:00 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. was a wonderful all day class with Sue showing us how to do some of the cool things she does. Sue is so sweet. She kindly showed us steps over and over until we all got them. We played with the most beautiful wool. At 50.00 to 60.00 a yard I could only purchase inches of some cool colors. I will post a pic of the class project when I get it finished.
Crazy quilting had prepared me for a lot of the stitches we used to create our wonderfully textured piece. I can also use the fibers, velvets, buttons, and metal that was purchased while I was pretending to be a crazy quilter.
We spent the night in Rogers, Arkansas last night since we would have to get up and gone before seven a.m. to be in time for class. Our hotel room smelled clean as it was a non smoking room but my daughters pillow smelled like sour sweet ( I bought a new neck pillow at Wal Mart so I did not use the hotel pillows) and the shower would not work.
Bikers, Blues and BBQ is going on this week end at Fayetteville, AR so the few hotel rooms available had DOUBLED their prices. I told the lady at the hotel it was good for her but hard on my wallet. However, I did not want to drive two hours home and then turn around and go right back so I paid the charge.
It is so quite here tonight as our puppies are at the Bed and Breakfast in Grove. We were too late to get them out tonight. I will be up bright and early tomorrow to go pick my fur babies up and bring them home.
Have a joyful evening!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quilts of Valor

Amanda over on "crazy mom quilts" invited 59 of her readers (first 59 that signed up) to make one red, white, and blue 12.5 x 12.5 block. She reserved the right to toss any block that did not meet the size requirement. Now I understand why!

The above laying on my 12.5 by 12.5 template is the first block I made. You can see it was off by a LOT. (pale green border around the sides)

Above is the second block. Still does not make the cut as too much of the template is showing.

YEAH! the third one is right on the money, well almost. (sorry for the flash glare) I only had to trim two little tiny places.
Man how do quilters do it perfect all the time? I made my first template out of soft plastic sheet.........I kept cutting the template every darn time I used it! So of course it just kept getting smaller and smaller.
Finally I asked my daughter to pick up a 4.5x4.5 thick template before she came home yesterday evening. I still had problem with cutting but slippage was the problem this time. My poor old hands are so tired. But I have finally completed the the needed block.
I plan to send her the boo boo blocks just in case she plans a quilt using smaller blocks or for a dust rag :o) . My block will be winging its way across the country later today.
Off to get some shut eye.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Polka Spots

I just love polka spots. Don't know where or when it all began but I have noticed for the last couple of years any thing with polka spots draws my attention. I also love black and white checker board cloth. It really draws my eye into the project.

I bought a chest at Hobby Lobby a few months back. I had no idea how to gussy it up until Suze over at "pink crayon studio" posted some box projects she has been working on for her studio. I had purchased some polka dotted paper to stuff in a gift and just could not bring myself to use it! Just seemed wrong to crunch up that beautiful spotted paper and stuff it in a bag just to be put in the trash after. Now it will become one of the layers on my chest.

Only one area is a concern. Some how something got on the corner of the chest and stained it. I will have to do something to get my paper to stick.

Pictures will follow later today if I can get the layers to dry. Since we are having a cool rainy, sunless day I may have to finish it up tomorrow.

Oh and I finally get to do a "Quilt of Valor" block! I received an e mail from Amanda Jean at "crazy mom quilts" to send a block to her. I will whip that out today also.

Second Oh, btw I am listening to music again! Be glad you can't her me singing along!

Good things to follow :o)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

One cool Tool

I bought a Kindle for my daughter as an early birthday gift a few months back. She has raved about it since. Course it was NOT on sale when I purchased it :o(

Since I could not play on my computer since the electric cord stopped working I have been reading more. It seemed I was at WalMart every day or so buying more books. Last evening it was nearly midnight I was searching for a new book to read. I had just finished up Yasmine Galenorns' "A Harvest of Bones". I told my daughter this was the only one of her books I had seen at our WalMart. As it was the fourth in her series I wanted to get the first book and read forward.

Lulu said she was reading a "hard" book (paper) at the time so I could use her Kindle if I wanted to! Since she only had great things to say about it I finally gave in. Well! let me tell you I am a convert. It was such a cool experience. I sat in my den at nearly midnight, typed "Galenorn" into her Kindle and up pops all of the books by that author. I picked the first one in her series and in LESS than a minute the book had downloaded and I was reading!!!! The cost of the book was a little more (less than a dollar) than I would have paid for the paperback at WalMart! Just think of the gas I saved not to mention the the money I would have spent as I walked thru the store when I noticed things I "needed'. The only bad part is I am a fast reader so this could end up being kinda expensive if I decide not to wait until the new books arrive at the library. Any way I think I may be in LOVE with cool little devise.

Also the Kindle does not weigh very much so it is easier on my hands to hold which in turn puts less stress on my elbow.

The Kindle store is open 24/7. I could be in the middle of Grand Lake and still download a book! How awesome is that?

Off to finish my book :o)

Monday, August 31, 2009


My power cord died! No more lap top for awhile.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quilt Guild news

Quilts of Valor will be hosting a new challenge. They stated there are 2.7 MILLION quilters in the good ol US of A. Their challenge is for ONE million of these quilters to make a new quilt using the new pattern designed by a Pryor Quilt Guild member, "Touched by War." We were delighted to see a picture of the quilt that was overnighted to Washington to be at the new release. Michele Obama will be endorsing this challenge.

Close to the end of this year the quilt will be on Martha Stewart's show. Any person that has participated in any war will now be eligible to receive a quilt, not just those that are fighting terrorism. At this time it was not known if the quilt pattern will be free for us to make a quilt from or if it will be used as a fund raiser. Any way you look at I am totally excited I get to participate in the making of Quilts of Valor!

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with so I could not take a picture and as a new member I did not know the lady's name that designed the quilt. I think they said Lee Ann. They did say she is in the process of having her second book published and she has self published patterns before. Just so exciting! The quilt would be very beautiful made in bright colors.

Have a joy filled day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

CKC Tulsa

Creating Keepsakes Convention in Tulsa was a bit of a disappointment this week end. The number of vendors was WAY down. I was shocked at the amount of empty space on the floor.

I guess that might have helped me save some cash. However, a new place from Rose, Oklahoma was there with Maya Road! I do love me some Maya Road, actually about EVERYTHING they make. Bare cardboard is my thing. There was also more glitter stuff around. I purchased a nice kit while I was in Houston at the International Quilt show last October so I had to augment that kit with a few new glitters.

Technique Tuesday had some nice new stamp sets that had to come home with me. I found one TT stamp set I am going to alter to make a personalized stamp for the stuff I make. There was also a Close to My Heart booth so I picked up a couple of stamp sets from them. Also, Maya Road has stamps now! I got two cute hooters for fall cards/projects.

I signed up for Michaels internet ads and they sent me a 50% off coupon! Since there is a Michaels right there by where they were having CKC I popped in to purchase a new brayer with my coupon. I found the MOST awesome Tim Holtz stamps there. They weren't on sale so I have put them on my list really would like to have items when they are cheaper. I must have his Paris stamp set for my new French altered book. I also want some of his pens and other goodies. Good thing I will now get the ads by e mail :o)

I had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby so that was my next stop. I purchased another stamp set there as they were kinda in the shape of postage stamps and I LOVE all things that look like postage.

Next coupon was for JoAnn's. I need/want one of those purple suction cup handles for my quilt rulers. I can't seem to find one any where. So I spent my coupon on a 2.5 inch binder ruler. They also had 5 simplicity patterns for five bucks so I had to pick up a couple more. I need to make my mom some aprons with multi pockets so she can carry around all her paraphernalia as she rolls around in her wheel chair and a lap blanket pattern with pockets. Simplicity has several neat patterns for the elderly.

After a soup lunch at Olive Garden (yum I just love garlic) I popped over to Handcocks. I found the cutest Halloween cat fabric to make moms apron with a bit left over for my scrap bin. I think I will make her a new one for each month so she won't get board with them or if she absolutely hates them she can just toss the ones she doesn't like. Handcocks did not have the suction cup handle for my quilt rulers either. Guess I will have to look online for one. I did find some little metal charms on clearance (71 cents each!) to use on my Sue Spargo wall quilt. I am really looking forward to taking Sue's class next month in Rogers, AR as I was looking at the wool fabric and did not have a clue what else I need to purchase.

Off to clean and get ready for the coming week. Since I had so much "fun" shopping I am going to have to put in extra hours at my two jobs to pay for it. There is always a price to pay :o)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tummy Bug

A nasty tummy bug has been giving me problems since Tuesday. The nasty weather along with allergies has just made this past week miserable.

Good news is I a much better than yesterday so tomorrow will be a wonderful day :o)

I have not felt like reading this week. I have mainly just been flipping thru my magazines dreaming, as usual, of the projects I want to do.

I need a big crown stencil for a project I have designed. I have searched the net but have been unable to locate one.

My sweet daughter made banana pudding to help me feel better. She is such a sweetie.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Awesome Fabric store

I visited The Rabbits Lair in Rogers, Arkansas yesterday. OH MY! such a treat. This place is awesome. They carry tons of fabric, wool, patterns, sewing aids and of course thread.

Down in their basement is the marked down fabric, patterns, ect. I was luck to leave there with the gold in my teeth.

They are displaying Sue Spargos trunk items and she will be teaching classes there next month. I just love the bright colors she uses as I really dislike the dull, dark colors most folk artist use. Her wall hangings are just beautiful. I purchased a couple of her books and one pattern before they sell out, as you know they will as soon as Sue arrives.

I will try to post a picture of the bag I am working on.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cute kitty

Playing opossum! Carter has to be in the middle of everything. (=^_^=)

I am feeling under the weather today. Old bones creaking and cracking every time I turn my head. So I am just surfing, reading, and of course eating grapes .

Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I saw the Tin man!

We were welcomed to the Emerald City upon our arrival in the theater.
Glenda's dress on stage was sooooo very beautiful. It just sparkled and shined. Glenda and Effie could really belt a song. Sometime the sound was so loud we could not understand the individual words. However the sound of their voices were so smooth and lovely.

Here is Lu before we entered the PAC.

We saw these bike things from the BOK center up to the PAC. Guess it would keep one from walking a long distance to the event you were attending.

Lu wants a smart car. This one was parked by us so she had to snap a pic.

This was the firs time we saw the BOK center as we do not hang around downtown very often. It is on HUGE beauty.
The buildings along 3ed street from the PAC down to the BOK have been all spiffed up. There are even a couple of beautiful murals painted. We had a car behind us so the picture did not come out well.
Since there is all kinds of road construction going on we arrived EARLY then drove down third and finally ended up at Ron's Burgers for a fast supper. Let me tell ya GREASE was the word for the meal. They put two slices of cheese on the burgers. Most have the onions cooked in. My burger was just gross with grease and cheese. I scrapped off the cheese and covered the meat in ketchup and it was still gross and way to spicy for me. Lu ordered a burger that had a slice of ham on top of the meat and cheese. We had the BEST onion rings I had the pleasure to eat in a long time along with okra. Like I said GREASE was the word.
Since I have not read WICKED the whole play was an adventure to me. I absolutely loved the ending. Lu is going to get the book so I will read it after her. She also wants to read Son of a Witch. I really liked the take on OZ this author had as it was very up beat.
Doing some cleaning this week end and then working on my quilt top.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

No sun

No sun shinning through the thick smoke that is still filling our skies.
We got ready to go to church this evening and I could not locate my car keys. I had to have the keys to get in the house. My daughter has looked for them every place we can think of and they are still AOL. Good thing I have a spare car key. Now I will have to get an extra h0use key.
Off to surf.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Saw this first. Thought it was one of the places I work part time.

The picture above is the side of the building, below is the front.

Back of the building. Total loss.

I was told two little boys were playing with their moms lighter. They said no was was hurt, thank God.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Fabric store

I visited "Country Fabrics & Gifts" in Strang. Small out building with two walls lined with pretty fabric at prices lower than "big" town stores.

The picture above and below shows some of the nice handmade gifts they have to offer. Handmade blankets, quillows, bibs, burp cloths, quilts, towel sets, and more. The prices make it worth the drive.
A friend of my daughter is expecting her son to be born any day. I purchased the cutest burp clothes: one says "spit happens" and a receiving blanket.
When I walked out to my car I noticed two really BIG birds in the field. I could not talk them into coming over to see me up close.

I drove through scary country roads to get back to the turnpike. I stopped in Claremore to check out the clearance sale at Simply Scrapbooks. Their inventory is getting lower, not as many lines of paper. However they are now stocking "Ten Seconds" ago metal and tools. They also have all of the wood mount rubber stamps half price. Be interesting to see what new items they plan to stock after they return from market.
I will be heading out in the morning for an auction. I hope they have some good old stuff.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What do you think

When one buys a QUILT magazine shouldn't they expect it to have articles and patterns pertaining to quilting?

When one buys a FOOD magazine shouldn't they expect it have articles and recipes about food?

I purchased a Quilters Home magazine and was sorely disappointed with the magazine. I do NOT want recipes. I also do not want anything else except QUILTING information, patterns, tips, and tricks about QUILTING. I felt I wasted my money on this magazine. Keep in mind they are NOT cheap. Lest I learned my lesson and won't buy it again.

The man that was supposed to put in our new stove top did not show today. Very sad that I can't do any cooking this week end, we will have to eat all meals out :o) sad, sad........... Oh well there is always next week.

I will be heading out to a new fabric store tomorrow in Strang, Oklahoma.

Pictures later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Look at this beautiful fabric from Pierre Frey, Paris. I would simply love to drive uptown to buy some yardage for a beautiful quilt centered around the butterfly. Course the large design would need to be a touch smaller for me to fussy cut for a bed quilt :o)

I am home inside for the day. Allergens are floating around by the millions causing some nasty stuff for me to suffer throu.

I am surfing the net looking at other peoples beautiful sites. I need to "de-junk" my home sweet home and have been searching out ideas. Has anyone really solved the problem of too much stuff? I have been doing better since I have been unemployed. Maybe that is what this is all about. A lesson of sorts to show me how sweet life can be without the "stuff". I am trying my best to get some of this stuff into other peoples houses :o)

I love the look of crystal and shabby chic. But I really LOVE color and not necessarily the washed out nasty turquoise blue of the 50s and the pale green and pinks. I do think the pale green, pink and pale blues are pretty and calming sometimes (if there is not too much junk around it). However I just can't imagine my life with COLOR. Bright, bold and saturating.

My daughter is planning to redo her bed room in Peacock colors. We purchased the fabric for her new quilt when we were at Hancocks of Paducah. She feels the time has come for her mom to get to work on it. I am still working on my quilt along quilts so hers will be next.

I really like the colors going on in the picture above....................

Monday, July 20, 2009

More pics of Sunday FUN

After driving around the grounds we went to the museum. Let me tell ya it is worth the trip. The air conditioner was working keeping all nice and cool. The gift shop was a real big surprise. Everything was nice and neat of course but the prices were "normal" not the usual over priced stuff. For that alone I think this museum will always on my list of good places to visit.

The picture below is Nonie being a dork. We were allowed to hold and use the tools of the past while down in the beaver camp. I threatened Nonie with one of the clubs :o) Now I got to "shoot" her with a club above her head.

Ain't she cute! We miss you already Nonie.

This UGLY Indian was on the side of the road as we drove up to the museum. The gardens and statues are simply beautiful. This Indian is just unbecoming in person.
This is a picture of the entry. Very beautiful.

LOVE all the paraphernalia included in the exhibits. Everything was well lite and tastefully and artfully displayed.

This elephant head was absolutely gianormas! One day I would like to see some in their natural habitat. Oh geez they are sooo huge! All of the pictures are framed with bark from trees on the grounds of Woolaroc.

These chairs were so cool. They also have the love seat, kings chair, and other style chair made of the same materials scattered thru the museum.

Shortly after we entered a little blond girl was looking at a huge painting of Indians dancing around a large camp fire. She asked her daddy what they were doing. He told her they were dancing. She said "I want to dance too daddy!" and began her little dance. Her brother saw what she was doing so he ran over and yelled "Me too". There dad tyred to get them to settle down but gave up when he saw all of were really enjoying watching them look and the painting so they could dance like the men in the painting.
There were several painting of Indian women bare chested. I think I inherited my dislike of bras from my ancestors :o) The proof is in the paintings.
We had such an enjoyable time walking around in cool comfort. You all need to give it a look see.
Now I am off to sew.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh give me a home

Where the Buffalo roam..........and walk right up to the car to check you out. There was a huge herd of BIG bulls, cows and baby buffalo, half of them walking down the road we were trying to drive on.

My cousin from California made it in Saturday. She invited us to with her to Woolaroc (Woods, lake, rock) up by Bartlesville. IT WAS AWESOME! We had such a wonderful time. Check it out at wwwdot
We had a guide show us how beaver hunters lived back 1862. FIRST off there was NO air conditioning. Poor man was sweating up a storm as he was dressed in full costume. By that I mean long sleeve shirt and what at first looked like a pair of chaps that for some strange reason had a flap in front and back.
You see in my neck of the woods Cow boys, men, girls, or cow women wear chaps OVER jeans. Anyway our guide told us all kinds of interesting facts and showed us all kinds of dead animal skins.
Suddenly my cousin noticed his hairy legs when the flap moved. Oh my goodness! He did not have on pants! Cuz then wanted to know what was under the flaps. She would not ask him. (Nonie is a chicken)

She did however have the nerve to put on the koon skin hat with a skunk tail. Attractive head gear Aunt nono :o)

We threw hatchets at a stack of old wood.

We shot a muzzle loader that made my ear ring for the next thirty minutes. Believe me when I tell you that gun had to have weighed fifty pounds. I was so shocked at how heavy it was. The man that loaded the gun for us helped hold the darn thing up so I could shoot it. I thought I did a good job. He said I shot above "it". I was aiming for a little round target looking thing.

My cousin put on ear protection. (Cute head gear Nonie)

Took aim and shot at the bear. BEAR? I didn't see no bear. oops :0)

Then we headed to the museum. I will post those pictures later.
Saturday night we had a family reunion at my cousin Brandi house. All of us "oldies" sat around and caught up on each others lives while our young ones and Uncle John did the cooking and cleaning. Thankfully my dearest daughter prepared the patties and sides before hand. The food was awesome!
I was so glad my niece from Tulsa was able to join us. We so enjoyed seeing you Traci.
All of us oldies working our jaws while Linda was showing us her good leg.

Sadly my daughters Aunt "nono" has left us once again. We won't see her until October 2010.
More later.