Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

The two people I love most in this world. Lu and Mom.

Hope all had a Blessed Christmas.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On our way to Grove yesterday we passed through Bernice. On the left side of the lake there were THOUSANDS. . . . ok maybe hundreds . . . . of pelicans floating on the water. HUGE big white bumps everywhere the eye could see. But only on the left side of the bridge. Odd? Cow birds were on the right had side of the bridge but only a few.
We have had such warm weather the last week I guess the birds decided to stay for a short vacation. These birds are so HUGE I must admit to being a bit in awe of them. Of course I did not have my camera so the pic above is of an Austrian pelican not American white.
We are cold now here in Oklahoma awaiting the really deep freeze heading our way to arrive.
Hope everyone has a wonderfully happy and safe holiday!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Picture taken by juls - I copied it from her blog.
Ain't they cute? Head on over to for a chance to win a bead.

Believe me when I tell you Ms Julianna Cannon makes some awesome beads.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oprah & Marie

Marie made me cry for the hour she was on Oprah. Marie sings so beautifully and has such a close and loving family. She sang a lovely song in her son's memory. I think I have been a fan of Donny and Marie since they started singing on TV. Of course I still am a fan.

Tomorrow is my last day at my temporary job. Good news is Richard's melanoma is under control. The drug study he entered worked! Sadly the cancer is now in his liver but he now has a fighting chance to live longer as the melanoma that was quickly killing him when I first met him in July has almost been stopped. Bad news for me is not as dire as life/death, however, now I have to look for a new job since I REALLY need the pay check to pay the mortgage, ect. Even tho my home is small and old it has sheltered my daughter and I comfortably and I want to continue living here in the comfort I have become accustom to. I truly happy to relinquish my job back to the original owner.

I have an interview Monday. Fingers crossed.

Live long and prosper Richard!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My sweet beagle, Maggie Mae, smiling as usual!

We are loving this cool weather. Tuesday we went to the Tulsa State Fair. The weather was awesome. I think I am getting too old to enjoy the fair much. However, I did enjoy the food.

I need a whole week out in the garden pulling weeds, cutting down sapling & cleaning out fence rows. Another month or so we will have to cover up the air conditioner and bird baths.

Hope you are enjoying life as much as we are!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lost in America

Jenks, America that is. On my way home from an exciting few days with the Department of Labor financial guys I decided to pop over to Jenks to look for a scrapbook store I used to shop in. Boy was I surprised to find it gone.

Did you know there is not one large or small scrapbook store in Tulsa, Oklahoma now? I have enough supplies to last for a few more years, however, I may need more. I want the new Graphics 45 and I am sure lots of stuff I have not even seen yet. Now I have no where to look at/ shop for supplies.

I was told there is a shop in Owasso but I have not been to Owasso for years.

On my way out of OKC I swung by a scrapbook store my GPS listed only to find it was no longer in business. I happened to see a cigar store next door to the empty store. I went in and talked to the nice owner who sold me six empty cigar boxes. Now I need to just figure out what I want to do with them.

I have to go back to the office tomorrow. I still need to unpack and pick out my work clothes.

Hope you are having cool weather like we are.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now I know

I now know what it feels like to be a porch light with bugs banging into the light.

With 110 degree heat wave we have been having I try not to goof off out side longer than necessary. Of course all my poor plants have to stay air conditioning for them. I LOVE to water by hand as it is the most peaceful time of my day (except when giant humming birds attack!!).

Due to the above mentioned heat I decided to water after the sun set. Here in Oklahoma we have horrid ice storms, tornadoes, and wind storms that cause us to lose electricity often. I purchased a miners head light with night vision last winter just to be on the safe side as we had been with out electric for a week the year before (at least I could now read while I froze to death).

So last evening I ventured out after dark to water my garden with the three brightest lights turned on on my forehead. Man the bugs hit me so fast and hard I was nearly blinded due to the fact they kept getting stuck behind my glasses by my eye balls! Who would have thunk it?

I then took off my glasses and change my head light to night vision. WOW talk about cool! I misted each garden then watered. The mist on the leaves turned red, sparkly, glow-y and awesome. I stayed out for two hours. Cut the bug down by 85% plus the monster humming birds did not attack! Bonus. (I know, poor birds were just thirsty but seriously I thought they were HUGE bees........bees that I am deathly allergic to)

We just returned from Joplin, MO. My daughter took me to Harbor Freight Tools while there. Have you ever shopped in on? Oh I had sooooooooo much fun. The bead store charges triple what I could have purchased my tools for at HFT! I did however find some cool storage containers that I must get to so my "stuff" is organized for tomorrow.

Have a lovely week!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

New wash machine

Our Maytag washer stopped working last week. The repair man came this morning. The parts to fix my DEPENDABLE Maytag will be over $, only the parts.....ugh!

So what did we do? We bought another Maytag.......washer only. Our dryer still works just fine. (Keeping my fingers crossed on the dryer lasting longer)

I hate going to the laundry mat. I need to wash our sheets and towels but do NOT want to put them in the nasty washers in the local mat. I figure we can sleep on week old sheets until Tuesday when the new washer is scheduled to arrive.

Of course with the temperature hitting 102 (don't even know what they think the heat index is & I ain't gonna ask cause we know it is HOT) we will have double the stinky, dirty clothes to wash.

On the bright side I would rather have a sick/dead washer then to have anything wrong with my air did those poor souls live back in the day without fans and central air????

Hope it's cooler where you are!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Finished reading PRIVATE by James Patterson and Maxine one evening. Could not put it down. It had such a good flow.........I only got lost/bored once. Not a bad read.

Gonna work in the studio today. Make something least I hope it's pretty.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hear that?

No not the loud bang and pop of fire works. That soft sigh sound. It's my thirteen trees in the back yard enjoying the rain. Sweet relief from the baking sun and cracked earth. The poor trees had already started defoliating. Hmmmmmmm looks like someone left her tools out to get "washed" :o)

This is where Maggie spends all her outside time while kids are setting off fireworks. She is SCARED of things that make loud sounds. Not a happy doggie! Such a sweet face tho.

Luzs dog BaiLea had to check out the yard then returned to the patio to shake off the rain. Yep she got everyone of us wet. Happily wagging her tail after she gave us our "shower".

I was hoping we would get a good soaking rain so we would not have to worry about fires from the neighbors celebrations. However, the rain needs to end so it won't spoil the kids celebrations. I and my fur babies plan to stay in the house most of the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Our house is NOT a fan of fireworks.
We hope all of you have a safe & happy 4th.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Monday

while looking at blogs today I stumbled onto a picture of a guy standing in snow. IN JUNE. Up north right here in America, USA. I still shiver at the snow we played in while in Alaska one long ago August day. Just ain't right to have snow in summer.

I am not enjoying Oklahoma heat however, I am NOT ready for snow. Not by a long shot. Although it looks like Miss Maggie is having a blast running so fast I could barley catch a picture of her last February.

We have a cold front moving through. It will only be in the low nineties for the next week or so. Of course this means I will get to play in the garden again. Yea! look out weeds, your days are numbered.

Hope it is a beautiful day were you are.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cat in the box

I turned on fans to day to keep a breeze going thru the house since it feels like 107 here. My poor baby mowed the lawn this morning around eight a.m. to beat the heat ........ it was 80 already!

Carter decided to nap in the box our cooker arrived in. Heat does not bother this air conditioned cat. Of course as soon as the sun goes down I will remove his "bed" to the outside trash bin. I felt so sorry for our guy in brown and our mailman today. Bless them for all the hard work they do daily in this nasty Oklahoma heat.

Hope it's cool where you are today.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wicked Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that just spoils your whole day?

I woke up VERY cranky this morning. Right off the bat just in the worst mood.

I finally remembered bits and pieces of my dream.

Basically it was a dream that hurt my feelings.

Real wickedly hurt feelings.

Has that ever happened to you? Seriously? Can a dream hurt your feelings?

Make you feel so bad it just ruins your whole day?
Yes. It did.

Thank God the dream wasn't true.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gonna be nasty

Took the dogs out at 4:00 am this morning. Not by choice. BaiLea woke me up and demanded to go OUT. NOW.

Lots of lightening and oh my goodness the air is so thick and heavy! Not gonna be a good day in Oklahoma weather wise.

Yesterday we had a shopping adventure. We actually made a list and went from one place to another to purchase the necessary items. Oh it got so darn hot. Several of the stores air conditioners were NOT up to par. Least we did not terry in those places.

Rude as it may sound I hate clothes shopping with Luz. She is such a pain. Half the time she refused to try on the shorts so now we have to return a bag full of stuff to several places. Kids! Actually adult kid so I can't boss her like I need to :o)

Hope the sun will shine on your day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gem Faire

The Gem Faire is going on at the Tulsa fairgrounds this week end. There is a charge of $5.00 at the door or you and a friend can print off the coupon on their web site and get in two for one.

I found lots of interesting things. Course my main focus is on wire and those supplies were sadly lacking (duh...gem fair) and expected but I was hopeing. However, some of the gems were awesome.

I hated the way most of the big vendors priced things. Like 98.00 for a string of beads that is now on clearance for 70% off. Cabs were outrageously priced only to be marked down 70%. Each booth of course had creative ways to price stuff. I had to ask at most places how much each item I wanted was which is VERY irritating to me.

I found a new man made stone that I love. One booth called it Blue Gold Stone. I have always loved Gold Stone. Now I find it comes in midnight blue and a beautiful green. Not many examples but enough for me to love it.

One booth had the most beautiful rock cabs all shinned up and ready to wrap. The only problem I had was the stones were cut so thin they would easily break. Once again everything was marked up and then on "sale" at half off. ooooooo big bargain. I walked away lusting over the zebra stone. I really, really want some of that. As soon as I can find a nice hunk that won't break the first time it clinks a table I shall snatch it up and wrap it in gold. Something to look forward to.

It was a fun day looking at a few stones I had never seen before. I bought many cool things. My bag of loot contained beads and such but the interesting buys was shark teeth and old coins from Peru.

Check it out if you in the Tulsa area.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

El Virus is still here

Saw the doctor today. He said I have allergies (since I was 6) and I have a in its second week. I am tired of being sick.

We went from nice slightly cloudy/rainy weather to the inferno. Felt like a 100 here today. Doc wanted to know why I was having so much trouble breathing. Cause it's HOT out there. Not to mention grass, trees, mold, and lots of other nasties that make me ill.

My baby boy cat is not feeling well either. He also has allergies (allergic to my mean daughter). ....well she is not to mean. She brought home the second season of True Blood for me to watch. Didn't really feel up to it but I thought she was sweet to think of me.

There is a bead show at the fair grounds this week end. I need to get to feeling better so I can go. I have "MANY" pages marked in several books of projects I want to do and need to purchase the junk (wire, beads, crystals, ect) to get started.

A lovely lady in Broken Arrow bought the bead store I have been going to so I will have an in town store to purchase some of my supplies, plus Hobby Lobby and Michael's of course.

How long till fall?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris is such an awesome person. Lu was thrilled to meet her. We had such a wonderful in Dallas. The Best part of course was meeting Ms. Harris.
She said we would get at least two more Sookie books. Next one to be released NEXT May. I think she should stay home and write more so we can have a book every 6 months :o)
I slept 14 hours after we got home and could go back to bed now and sleep until tomorrow. Who would have thunk driving so far in such a short time was so exhausting?
I have a job interview this week. Keepin fingers crossed that by this time next week I will be employed again.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

My favorite daughter gave me a nook for moms day. I was thrilled with the B&N gift card for more books. I will probably use it in store for more magazines :o)
Now I can bargain shop between the nook and the Kindle. So far the Kindles books have been cheaper.
Hope your day is filled with sun shine and love.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Knotty Pine

This place used to be an old bar
It has been in business since before I was born

this picture of Luzs lunch is all we have left

The Knotty Pine caught fire yesterday!

That is the only place I will willingly eat BBQ.

Hope it re opens soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Have you read it yet?

Dead in the Family. I just finished it. Now I am wondering when the next installment of Sookie Stackhouse's story will be published. From what I see on the net people are all a buzz waiting to get their hands on this book. I for one am glade I found it before any one could spoil it for me. Now I can discuss the book without fear!

We, luz and I, will be attending a book signing with Charlaine Harris. I so look forward to hearing her read. Be sure to let me know what ya all think about how "things" turned out in book 10 of the series.

Since I stayed up half the night reading I am dragging today. Storms are still around us. I sure hope the tornado chasers get the information they need with out anyone being injured in the bad weather.

At least the 40+ mpr "gusts" that has been sweeping down our plains has stopped for the day.

I plan to get pics of how my garden has grown as soon as we get some sun.

Have a wonderful & safe week end.

Oh........and enjoy a good book.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Ruffles

Beautiful purple/black leafs. How pretty are these elephant ears! I am the proud owner of two!!
Once mine are in their new bed I will take a picture of them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kindle vs Nook

I have wondered lately which one is better, Kindle (we own 2) or the Nook.

I finished reading the fifth book in the series by Madelyn Alt and needed to download the newly released book from April 9th. To my shock there was not a Kindle release, only hardback. That means shipping and waiting for arrival of the book or driving to the City to pick the book up. What to do?

After whining A LOT I checked the Barnes and Noble site for the book to make sure they even had it in stock before going to the City. Once on the site I noticed THEY had the e book of "A Witch in Time"! It was more expensive than the hard cover book at Amazon!

I downloaded the book with many a grumble so I could finish up the series. While in the City yesterday for a beading class at Beadles in BA I stopped in at B&N to look for a new series to grab my attention. Upon entry to the store there sat the NOOK in all its glory. Oh my they have the cutest covers for the Nook (pink envelope cover just for me!). Course the Nook is 259 and the cover was 35. Have I mentioned we own 2 kindles? (Only one has an awesome cover, purple with an ugly long strap thingy to keep it closed. NOT mine btw)

Since I have to read books on my 17 inch lap top (that is a HUGE territory compared to the Kindle that I am used to) I almost bought us a Nook. Just so I would not have to read books from my computer since it so very much more comfortable to use my hand held. In the end I did walk away from the Nook as I figured I could suffer a bit and would rather spend the money on new books and beads.

So what are your thoughts? Which e reader do you use? Or do you just read an actual book? Do you think owning two different e readers (three counting the computer) is worth it?

Have a blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

19th in the Nation

Not something to crow about since they are saying Green Country is 19th in the Nation for high allergens. It is, of course, all that wind whipping down our planes. :o)

The high grass count has kept me in the house all day. I did go out and get the mail and water the dog but then came right back in.

I was so happy that I had been feeling so well so far this year. I will start on the meds tonight and feel like I am walking thru a think fog for the next week until I get used to the side effects of the pills.

I hope to work in my garden tomorrow as they are expecting rain on Friday.

Course I have to get my taxes filed first.

How's it going in your part of the country?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Such a wonder day

This bunch of Variegated Solomon's Seal started out as four little plants two years ago. Now look at their beauty! I have split off a hand full each year to spread around in the shade garden. Under their graceful necks are tiny white bell flowers. Tiny little border hostas by the fence.

This is a low spot in the garden. I need to slowly build up the dirt here so the winter freeze and thaws do not kill my grass and hostas. Several of the hostas bit the dust this past winter so I need to re plant in this area......slowly this time.

I have another bumper crop of wild violets this year. There are even some pure white ones this year! I get tickled when I read other blogs where the gardeners are so thrilled these weeds are growing in their space. I rip out hundreds of violets each year. I will be tearing out everything in this garden, working in lots of dirt conditioner. I plan on making this a total hosta garden as it is almost always in shade I will put in my new blue and yellow hostas.

This little corner of ground cover is spreading well along with trans planted Solomon's Seal from last year.

I am going to add some Homestead Purple verbena to this spot this year.

I plan on putting these blooming beauties thru out to pull the spaces together. LOVE the color.

This is a new grass for the garden this year. Also the good ol'standby lantana for the sunny front. At the bottom you see a sweet potato vine. These grow to be gi-normas in my garden...almost over takes the area and kills out the perennials. I am moving it over to a some what bare spot this year so it can just grow to its hearts content.

We are having such a beautiful day here in Green Country. This is looking out to the right from my patio.
We do NOT look over to the left as we can see the nasty man that lives back there. He enjoys making gross noise while scratching himself and staring at the people in my yard. He noticed me on the patio and started up his nasty behavior so I am now inside on this beautiful day. I hope to afford privacy fencing for that side of my yard SOON!
From this distance the green fence around my shade garden just fades away. BaiLeigh is checking out the sent of some critter that has been visiting us a night. Big dogs paws are the size of dessert plates so she kills most every plant she steps on therefore I must fence. As you can see from the shadows cast on the pole barn my trees have not even started to bud yet. The big bird bath was once my grandpa's then moms and now mine. That whole corner is being worked on this year.
More pics to follow as my garden continues to grow.
Hope you have a beautiful week end also.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I went to Sally Jean's blog.
I was sad.
Oh! whats this. She is going to Dallas at the end of this month!
Of course the virgin class is sold out.
I asked her to put me on the "list".
Maybe someone will win the lottery and decide they won't have time to solder :o)
There are still openings in two of her classes but
the picture quality is so poor I can't tell what one of'm really looks like.
And since I am not a crown wearing kinda girl I won't take the 2 day... right?
It really depends if I have to drive to Texas anyway......
I will if I get in the Virgin class.............fingers crossed.

Late again

I missed sign up!
I finally decided to go to Silver Bella this year
I wanted to take classes with the one and only(s)
Sally Jean
Lisa Kaus.
I picked my five classes.
EVERY single one of Salley Jean & Karri Ming's are sold out!
I won't pay $111.00 for a class I have
NO interest in.
Still I am sad.....sigh.
Maybe next year I will Make up my mind

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I had a wonderful afterenoon digging in the dirt! I so love the feel of dirt in my hands.

I planted 3 hostas this afternoon. I went looking for some six pack plants but Walmart did not have any - NONE!

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

time to grow

This picture was taken last July of my garden. This year I plan to do the inside circle of the trees....I only have 12 trees the back now. I have spent an interesting night researching the hostas I purchased at Sam's yesterday. I have three: zounds, yellow river, wide brim, northern exposure, bressingham blue, and mama mia. I purchased ten Albo-marginata hostas, 4 lady ferns, 3 elephant ears (need more), 3 pink bleeding hearts, and 50 white caladiums. I think this will keep me busy most of tomorrow. It is supposed to rain Friday so I may just get two of the small side garden plants in and save the big round circle for next week. I need to amend the soil before anything is tucked into its new home. I am still kind of leery about having another freeze and I surely do not want to have to cover up a hundred plants! Altho I saw several little heads pinking up from the ground today so ready or not the plants are ready!
I plan on hitting several garage sales and auctions to purchase old plates and such to do some mosaic art on the stepping stones this year. I found a blog were a lady had mosaic garden.....even on a manikin! Sadly I can't locate her blog again. She had such lovely stuff she had in her garden! sniff, sniff. If only I would have saved it instead thinking I would remember it.
Heading off to bed. Have a sunny Thursday!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got Hostas?

We went to Sam's yesterday in Joplin, MO. They have the most outstanding deal on spring greens and flowers.

I got three different kinds of hosta roots. One box had 10 and two had 9. That is 28 NEW hostas for my shade garden. They only cost 13.99 a box. We also purchased a box of 50 pretty bulbs and 5 Clematis. I am so excited. Must get out in the garden and plant...........soon.

Our freeze date is April 15th so I am a bit leary of planting anything out early. However I am planning out what is going to happen this spring.

After spending the last two days in Joplin I am just tired today. I have to go in to the office for a bit tonight and then get home in time to watch Cougar Town :o)

Hope you got lots of sun shine today.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Snow is still on the ground with a bit of a chill in the air.

I have spent this afternoon cruising blogs. I check each day to see if Nie Nie has posted so we can be aware of her wonderful recovery (my dd asks a least once a day how Nie Nie is doing, she is just part of our daily routine). I noticed "Raised In Cotton" had posted so for the last several hours I have been checking out all her links. Mostly I have been traveling via the blog in Texas. Reading about their antique shows and looking a the most beautiful spring pictures. Yes, the green eyed monster is on the prowl.

Since dd is STILL sleeping I try not to make noise. So checking out all that is ready to go on in Texas has kept me silent most of this afternoon. I keep telling myself I do NOT want to drive five hours to an antique show next week end. Especially after driving three house in a blizzard this week end just to get home from the fair grounds! However, I figure if the good folks in Kansas are so very excited to make the trip I should drive down to check out all the excitement. Right? I figure the garden will still be too wet to work after our SEVEN inches of snow melts that I might as well go check out our neighbors lovely offerings.

I have laundry to do to get prepared for this weeks work.........but I think I check out a few more Texas spring blogs........I want to be a good neighbor ya know.

Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Blizzard

Today was the first day of Spring and guess what? We had a BLIZZARD.

The snow was supposed to come in later this afternoon. It arrived in Tulsa at 9:00 a.m.

I was the only one that showed up for class with Jelcy. I told her I could not stay as the weather was quickly getting really ugly. So she gave me a quick run thru of the project. Such a sweet lady. I took her pic but don't know how to get it from my phone to the blog. I will have to ask my dd to help me out.

Driving home was absolutely terrifying! People in Oklahoma do NOT know how to drive in white out conditions. I am telling you they were just flat out CRAZY while driving down the turnpike. I passed so many car accidents, jack knifed truck, one SUV was down a embankment on its top. A little seven year old girl was killed earlier this morning. So very sad. Many more were injured in some of the accidents.

I for one as staying in my warm home tomorrow. I hope to only run out to take supper to mom then come right back in.

Hope you are having a safe week end.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I *heart* Oklahoma

The bead show is coming to Expo Square. This week end.
Friday it is going to be 71 degrees in the City
Saturday it is going to snow
We *expect* to get two to six inches
Depending on how the storm tracks
UGH! I am soooo ready for spring. I do not want to be driving in the City whilst it snows!
However the best part is I have two classes booked with Jelcy at the show so drive with maniacs I will to get to the fair grounds.
I am going to enjoy Friday in my garden. Hopefully I won't be too sore to enjoy the classes :o)

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Car Fever

My dd has new car fever.
She wants a Smart car
with a vanity plate
"Smarty Pants"
Not sure about her sometimes :o)

Monday, March 8, 2010


The "weak" March sun is NOT that weak in Oklahoma! Sun screen and bug repellent every day before heading out into the jungle. Lesson learned for another year.

I was working on cutting down the forest in the back of our house yesterday afternoon. I could not believe how out of hand and ugly it had become with scrawny squirrel & bird planted trees. Course some of those wild trees were taller than me. Not good for in town back yards to have trees that grow fifty feet high into power lines and right next to garages. It was warm as I worked and of course the beautiful sun was just a shinning. I really enjoyed the work out. It is so much easier to cut down the branches and trunks to trash size with out leaves to hinder my aim the by pass cutter.

When I got to the last tree I feeling very HOT (so nice to be hot once again instead of freezing) so I ventured into the house for a drink and to wash all of nature off my arms and face. My arms were hurting and tingling so I figured I was allergic to one of the trees.

Well, actually allergies was one of the problems but I had also gotten quite burned in the weak March afternoon sun. I try to NEVER get sun burned as we all know that is such a bad idea, especially on my old face.

Today I am uncomfortable. I will continue to apply moisturizer to keep it cool. Thankfully we have rain today so the sun won't be a problem on the burn as I venture out for a few more chores.

I am so ready to set my clocks up one hour for an extra hour of sun each day. Spring cleaning has started in the garden and I have almost finished up the garden journal I am making for Spring/Summer 2010. My arm muscles are so sore and the sun burn is uncomfortable but I got a big ol' smile in my heart today after the great work out yesterday.

Hope you have a smile in your heart today!


Friday, February 26, 2010

e reader

I needed a book to read last night so I went to Amazon to purchase the next book in the Maggie Sefton knitter series for my Kindle. But amazon said book #4 was not available.

So I popped over to Barnes and Noble. Low and behold there was book #4. I downloaded B&N's free e reader, bought book 4 and kept reading. I also noticed while I was at B&N some of their e books are cheaper than Amazon.

Good news is now we have a choice on which store we purchase our e books from. I *think* I enjoy reading on the Kindle better, however, I do not plan to give up on the e reader. I will go with the store that has the cheapest book.

Since Amazon has book 5 cheaper than B&N I will purchase it from them. We will see where book 6, 7, and 8 come from.

Which book reader do you like best?

How exciting!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Beauty

How pretty is this quilt? I have it in line to make. I keep pulling out this pattern and moving it up in the stack of quilt tops to do this year. I just love the colors. All of her patterns just makes me smile as they are so very ***happy*** inducing.
My most favorite part of all, of course, is the cats hidden in the borders. LOVE, love, love those cats. I have already pulled most of the fabric. Really must find some small check fabric. MUST make this sooner!
Gloomy day here in the heartland. I have been straightening up the library. We purchased one paper back from many different authors from a book store going out of business in Joplin. I am stuck in para normal, cozy mystery loop lately. I need to find new series to read. So I thought this was the best way to "test" out some new (to me) series of books, at 65% off list no less. All that being said I have books stacked here and there and it looks rather junky (normal for me as I love my piles) so I need to carry in a new to me little wooden book shelf to add to my small reading space. The book shelf is in desperate need of a paint job so I was storing it until spring when I would be able to paint it. Oh well, at least it will look neater as my library is right off the entry.
Finished up a Harlan Coben book last evening. He is one of those guys that keeps me glued to my seat until I finish the whole book. I love his Myron Bolitar series. The guy is such a smart mouth. Drop Shot did not disappoint.
Vancouver please send us your 52 degree sun shinning weather as I need me some sunshine soon!
Go USA!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ain't it beautiful? Picture it with beveled lead glass, and in door hardware.

Can you believe that people in construction supplies in Tulsa, Oklahoma does not know what a dutch door is? What is wrong with you people? You are employed at a Home Depot in the door department and have NO idea what a dutch door is. "oh well maybe someone can special order you one"!!!! Are you serious?!? YOU are the "someone" in charge of this department don't you think YOU should be the person to look it up?

Same thing happened at Lowe's. Have these people been raised in Castles? Tents? Mud huts? My ancestors came from tee pees and I know what a dutch door is.......and I love 'm and still what one in the kitchen leading to the wash room.

But guess what? I have to order it from the inter net and have it delivered here. Can't buy one in a local store.

Dutch door dot com had free shipping until Valentines day..... I just missed it.

Go figure.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V Day!

I need to learn to take better jewelry photos. I made two pair of ear rings for Lu's V day gift. One set a star on a silver and the other a heart on a silver. She wore her hearts today.

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One more time

Mom is back in the hospital. She is black and blue from head to toe. Some of the places they tried to get her blood from are all knotted up and HUGE. Her platelets are so low she will have to stay for a few days before she can go back to her room.

I was able to get a spot in Saturday's soldering class. Yay! the weather is going to cooperate so dd will get a Valentin's present. Not sure what it is we are making but it will be lu's.

So proud of myself for getting my taxes completed before the middle of the month. This is a record breaker.

Have a couple of projects pulled together to work on while I sit with mom.

Looking forward to to follow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Day

Today is a design day. You of those days that it seems like every thing you do give you an idea for a design of some COOL thing? Well it seems that today is one of those days.

I love side or out side I just love to have life all around me. Especially inside. Makes the house brighter and air cleaner. But I have CATS. They are into everything and put everything in their mouth. I do not like looking at eaten on plants.

That being said a cool idea popped into my head while watching the American Olympic ski team on the telly. So I must get myself to a Lowe's real soon. I am excited to have plants IN the den with us again. Pictures to follow if it works..............which of course it will :o)

My baby nephew is coming to town. I say that with a big smile as Matthew is like 6 foot 2, very broad shoulders (he works out), blond hair, blue eye handsome kid of twenty something. I used to use him as my baby doll. He let me fix his hair and dress him up. lol I have some pictures that he wishes I would lose of him in diaper and dress. Course he was just a baby and one would only know it was Matt from the beautiful blond curls as none of the girls in the family has/had the beautiful ringlets.

I am ready to paint and re do the den. Just waiting for warm weather and of course a paying job so I can afford to buy the needed items. It has been about ten years since I have painted so it is desperately needed. I am going with French shabby chic as I love the Eiffel Tower and pink. Excited to see my plans come to fruition.

Trying to get week end stuff done with a sick kitty whining at my ankles is difficult. Carter has a snotty nose and wants to be held. He follows me around and crying for attention. I thought I was well past carrying a "toddler" on my hip (shoulder) when my daughter entered middle school. Not so when the kitty is not feeling well. Hope he is better soon running around the house tearing up jack.

Now I must clean some and ready to visitors. (Carter is taking a nap!! Oh happy hour.)

Have a warmly wondrous week end.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guess what?

It is snowing.

Again :o(

We have what is left over from the last six inches.

Now we are in line for two more.

So NOT excited.
However, Maggi is loving it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good bye January

So glad to see January 2010 is now history. I absolutely HATE winter. I hate the dullness of everything after the sparkle of December. I dislike the COLD, always.

I want/must have more sun shine!! I saw a count down to spring on a web site. Wish I had copied it to my blog so I could keep track of springs arrival.

We still have snow on the ground. It is slowly melting. My puppies come in wet every time they come back in for their romps in the snow. I don't think I will have a clean floor until summer.

Hope everyone has a happy February.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Let it snow!

Sad looking frozen garden. You can see the blowing snow. Nice big fat wet flakes.

We have received between 5 and 6 inches of snow. My little dog has to run as fast as she can to bust thru the snow. Oh how they love to go out and run all the way to the back and then race into the house.

My daughter made it work today. She is on her way home now. The longest fifteen minutes of the day. Course I want to call to make sure she is o.k. except I instructed her NOT to answer the phone and to concentrate on her driving. Also the driving of others is just as important.

Have you hugged your snowman lately?


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I found a new Blog

"Crafting with Cat Hair". I just love the name of this blog. I should have thought of first. I had to quit crocheting because of my cats. At least one of the darling furies are sitting with me at all times. When I paint I usually end up with "real" cat paw prints, and hair. And so it goes.

I have put their button on the side bar as she is spear heading stash busting in 2010. I most certainly need to do this. After cleaning out my moms house I can see how much "stuff" we hold on to that is not worth holding on to for years. We put stuff up for special use later only to throw it away years later as it was forgotten or plain rotted. I have lots of old stuff I plan on using in my journal this year. That should rid a drawer or so full of stuff. Also:

Now maybe I will actually finish the quilts I have started.
(when the quilt along blog is finished I just stop working on them)
Only purchase the FEW items I need to finish a project.
I just started doing wire wrap jewelry....oops.
(no sad)
NO more pattern purchases. (seriously?)
(I can use the hundred or so I already have...or gift them to some one that will use them)
It seems I spend most of my time cleaning the studio instead of working in it. I hope this will help me use up stuff while it is still good and current.
Join me?
At least wish me luck!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to have a Happy Heart

With all the sad news that abounds in today's news I just read Nie Nie's blog. It stated that she is Home! How wonderful. The love of that family just makes me smile. I believe it has to be endless. I wish we could all experience that kind of love (without their pain of course) every day.

The poor economy is having a terrible effect on the police and fire people in Tulsa. I have to wonder how safe Tulsa will be with 20% LESS police officers? Crime in my home town is just out of hand. Our officers are in more danger daily. They are out numbered and out gunned by the bad guys. With fewer officers for back up and to protect the Innocent............... it is just scary stuff. All in all Tulsa will suffer more as people will cancel plans to go there to shop and for conventions.

On a better note I heard from the bead store in Broken Arrow that they have a place for me in their Saturday class. I am very excited about this. I have never been in the store and their web site is kinda basic. ( I plan to make an awesome neckless for Lu......I hope. For some reason I just love all things metal so wire should be fun! Also, I received an e mail from the store with a 20% off coupon. That will come in handy Saturday I am sure.

I got a new book for my Kindle. I sure love that little device.

Keep warm.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Such Beauty and a smile

BaiLea just makes me laugh when she tries to "talk" to the camera. Gotta love that face.

I am sitting here watching CMT. Toby Keith's "Wayman's Song" just played. Even tho it is sad the world lost Wayman that song makes me smile. The beautiful smiles in the pictures of Wayman and his family just lift me up. And Toby Keith's voice. WOW. I think that song brings out the best of his vocal skills. All in all just a beautiful song about a beautiful guy sang beautifully by his friend.

In the mail today I received my Quilters Newsletter. So much beauty within the pages of this magazine. Harbor Lignthouse, Drink of Water, and Red Truck are so beautiful. Hope Springs in Cremona by Harumi Asada just took my breath away. That is just a few quilts on the first 19 pages. And the cuteness of "Finders Keepers" on page 50 just made me smile. The Blue Melon Patch put me in mind of the quilt along we are doing at Don't Look Now. My only complaint is the draping of "Pistachio Ice Cream" as I would love to see the whole quilt. All in all pages and pages of beautiful works of art.

I have to clean the studio today. Muddy paws ( see picture of 100 pound mutt above) thanks to our melted snow and "people" throwing junk in there to get it out of their way (Lu!) has made it unattractive and not very conducive to creativity.

Hope your day is filled with beauty and lots of smiles!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh what a Beautiful Morning!

Such a beautiful day. My mom is out of the hospital. She is almost back to her old self. I get worried when she is sweet and loving. She is a natural crank.

My ear infection is gone! I can now stay awake for more than an hour at a time.

It is still cold but is expected to get ALL the way up into the 50's this week. Happy dance! I do hate cold weather.

Too early to have much going on. I have the laundry started. I am boiling a pot of water on the stove to raise the humidity in the house as the humidity had fallen down to 35 over night. I feel much more comfortable at 60%. Of course that way I am not getting all those pesky shocks every time I shuffle across the floor.

Lu left a full cup of Pepsi in the den that got turned over during the night by one of the runner kitties. Sticky mess to clean up this morning.

I am happy, healthy, not very wealthy,and sometimes wise. Looking forward to a wonderful week.

Hope you have one too!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh the weather out side is frightful! But all my fur babies are nice and warm in the house with me. And guess what? We are under a WIND CHILL ADVISORY! Have you ever hear of such?

Yep. Our temp out side is ZERO! feels like 15 below. I do NOT live in
Alaska folks. I am in Oklahoma, USA. Course the news said it is even freezing in Florida.

Speaking of... I have been trying to locate a small "unknown" or "undiscovered" little town over in Florida close to the water that is reasonably priced (compare to Oklahoma) so I can move there. This cold and snow keeps me in the house. Not that I mind staying home but seriously folks I need a job. Oh to win the lottery! Course that would mean I would actually have to buy a ticket. :o) and since I am unemployed I do not waste money on a pipe dream. I only waste my free time on pipe dreams and since I am unemployed I have lots of free time.

Mom is still in the hospital. Sound like a broken record here. She did look a little better yesterday when Lu visited her. I am home with a massive ear infection so I did not get to visit. Since I am unemployed and uninsured I am just gonna have to tough it out. Fortunately I had some left over guaifenesin in the cabinet so I am popping two of those babies and drinking gallons of water, which it is always good to drink lots of water, right? Anyway it keeps the pressure on my ear within reason.

Keep warm it cold out there.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


Poor Mommy is still in the hospital. She is usually always wrapped in her snowman blanket shivering. This picture was taken in November before she got pneumonia. I am hoping she will be able to go back to the nursing home this week. She HATES the hospital. She says their food is awful and she freezes all the time. She now has two extra flannel blankets to help keep her toasty.

The snow on the deck did not have time to melt before the next wave of snow came in. It felt like 14 degrees out there per channel 6 weather team. I sure do believe them.

I think Lu's dog is the only one that loves to go out for a romp in the white stuff. I set the timer on the oven so I remember to make her come back in to the house after twenty minutes of play time. She was covered head to toe when I went to get her. Good thing dd keeps towels by the back door to dry BaiLea off. Her feet are the size of bread plates. They have a ton of snow packed into them. My floors are wet half the time from the snow melting from between her toes. Oh well, nothing a mop can't handle.

Meanwhile I have been reading, as usual. I finished my first books of 2010. Lorna Barret's "Booktown Mystery" series is a good cozy mystery. I have read all three of them thanks to the snow and have started on Victoria Laurie's "A Psychic Eye Mystery" series. I am really enjoying this one also. For a sister less person I really love reading sister mysteries.

I finished the first of Laurie's books this afternoon and thanks to my Kindel I have the second one on its way for me to read after I clean up after supper. That Kindel was a wonderful invention!

Off to clean the kitchen then to start reading Better Red than Dead. BTW: I am almost half thru the 12 in 2010 challenge. Sweet! (sometimes I read too much?)

Keep warm.