Saturday, May 1, 2010

Have you read it yet?

Dead in the Family. I just finished it. Now I am wondering when the next installment of Sookie Stackhouse's story will be published. From what I see on the net people are all a buzz waiting to get their hands on this book. I for one am glade I found it before any one could spoil it for me. Now I can discuss the book without fear!

We, luz and I, will be attending a book signing with Charlaine Harris. I so look forward to hearing her read. Be sure to let me know what ya all think about how "things" turned out in book 10 of the series.

Since I stayed up half the night reading I am dragging today. Storms are still around us. I sure hope the tornado chasers get the information they need with out anyone being injured in the bad weather.

At least the 40+ mpr "gusts" that has been sweeping down our plains has stopped for the day.

I plan to get pics of how my garden has grown as soon as we get some sun.

Have a wonderful & safe week end.

Oh........and enjoy a good book.


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