Tuesday, June 1, 2010

El Virus is still here

Saw the doctor today. He said I have allergies (since I was 6) and I have a virus.....now in its second week. I am tired of being sick.

We went from nice slightly cloudy/rainy weather to the inferno. Felt like a 100 here today. Doc wanted to know why I was having so much trouble breathing. Cause it's HOT out there. Not to mention grass, trees, mold, and lots of other nasties that make me ill.

My baby boy cat is not feeling well either. He also has allergies (allergic to my mean daughter). ....well she is not to mean. She brought home the second season of True Blood for me to watch. Didn't really feel up to it but I thought she was sweet to think of me.

There is a bead show at the fair grounds this week end. I need to get to feeling better so I can go. I have "MANY" pages marked in several books of projects I want to do and need to purchase the junk (wire, beads, crystals, ect) to get started.

A lovely lady in Broken Arrow bought the bead store I have been going to so I will have an in town store to purchase some of my supplies, plus Hobby Lobby and Michael's of course.

How long till fall?

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