Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gem Faire

The Gem Faire is going on at the Tulsa fairgrounds this week end. There is a charge of $5.00 at the door or you and a friend can print off the coupon on their web site and get in two for one.

I found lots of interesting things. Course my main focus is on wire and those supplies were sadly lacking (duh...gem fair) and expected but I was hopeing. However, some of the gems were awesome.

I hated the way most of the big vendors priced things. Like 98.00 for a string of beads that is now on clearance for 70% off. Cabs were outrageously priced only to be marked down 70%. Each booth of course had creative ways to price stuff. I had to ask at most places how much each item I wanted was which is VERY irritating to me.

I found a new man made stone that I love. One booth called it Blue Gold Stone. I have always loved Gold Stone. Now I find it comes in midnight blue and a beautiful green. Not many examples but enough for me to love it.

One booth had the most beautiful rock cabs all shinned up and ready to wrap. The only problem I had was the stones were cut so thin they would easily break. Once again everything was marked up and then on "sale" at half off. ooooooo big bargain. I walked away lusting over the zebra stone. I really, really want some of that. As soon as I can find a nice hunk that won't break the first time it clinks a table I shall snatch it up and wrap it in gold. Something to look forward to.

It was a fun day looking at a few stones I had never seen before. I bought many cool things. My bag of loot contained beads and such but the interesting buys was shark teeth and old coins from Peru.

Check it out if you in the Tulsa area.

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