Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wicked Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that just spoils your whole day?

I woke up VERY cranky this morning. Right off the bat just in the worst mood.

I finally remembered bits and pieces of my dream.

Basically it was a dream that hurt my feelings.

Real wickedly hurt feelings.

Has that ever happened to you? Seriously? Can a dream hurt your feelings?

Make you feel so bad it just ruins your whole day?
Yes. It did.

Thank God the dream wasn't true.


Lucid Moon Studio said...

Is your cute kitty's name Cooper? That would be funny because our giant Weimaraner is named Cooper too! They would get along GREAT, lol!

Pretty Things said...

Sometimes I've had a dream that was so real it warped over to real life and made me mad at the people I dreamed about!