Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On our way to Grove yesterday we passed through Bernice. On the left side of the lake there were THOUSANDS. . . . ok maybe hundreds . . . . of pelicans floating on the water. HUGE big white bumps everywhere the eye could see. But only on the left side of the bridge. Odd? Cow birds were on the right had side of the bridge but only a few.
We have had such warm weather the last week I guess the birds decided to stay for a short vacation. These birds are so HUGE I must admit to being a bit in awe of them. Of course I did not have my camera so the pic above is of an Austrian pelican not American white.
We are cold now here in Oklahoma awaiting the really deep freeze heading our way to arrive.
Hope everyone has a wonderfully happy and safe holiday!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Picture taken by juls - I copied it from her blog.
Ain't they cute? Head on over to for a chance to win a bead.

Believe me when I tell you Ms Julianna Cannon makes some awesome beads.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oprah & Marie

Marie made me cry for the hour she was on Oprah. Marie sings so beautifully and has such a close and loving family. She sang a lovely song in her son's memory. I think I have been a fan of Donny and Marie since they started singing on TV. Of course I still am a fan.

Tomorrow is my last day at my temporary job. Good news is Richard's melanoma is under control. The drug study he entered worked! Sadly the cancer is now in his liver but he now has a fighting chance to live longer as the melanoma that was quickly killing him when I first met him in July has almost been stopped. Bad news for me is not as dire as life/death, however, now I have to look for a new job since I REALLY need the pay check to pay the mortgage, ect. Even tho my home is small and old it has sheltered my daughter and I comfortably and I want to continue living here in the comfort I have become accustom to. I truly happy to relinquish my job back to the original owner.

I have an interview Monday. Fingers crossed.

Live long and prosper Richard!