Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

is a class from

go check out her awesome class offerings!
 I would love to fly to Oregon for a class by the coast, however, that ain't gonna happen any time soon.  Next best thing is an online class.   However, I am very happy to say:

Come February I will be a soldering fool in my studio with Terry online!

Anyone have a connection to a good source for supplies?  Online or in/around Tulsa?

Have a Merry little Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Started my new JOB!

Happy Pumpkin Month!  October kicks off the holidays in my Home Sweet Home.  This year is gonna end on a really bright note........and we are actually gonna decorate for the holidays this year.

Good news:  After a week and two days training I spent my first day on my new job.

This job is a real change from sitting behind a computer at the desk all day.  I am now known as a "Recovery Support Assistant".  Working with ladies that really WANT to remove all kinds of drug addictions from their lives is gonna be very rewarding even tho I have very limited interaction with the ladies.

While in OKC for training I stayed at a Marriott.  Due to some ugly stains (I hope it was just stains) I had house keeping come up and change out the sheets on my very comfy bed.  Then, sometime during the nite I ended up with a bug bite in a not so awesome place  :o(    I am now on antibiotics for a nasty, HUGE, inflamed bite.

For my second day on the NEW job I woke this morning without my voice.  Called the doctors office again with an oh not so sexy whisper.  They think the antibiotic I am taking for the bug bite will take care of this problem also.  Not feeling so great today but seriously how can one call in sick on the second day and hope to keep their job?

Now that I am employed I am so looking forward to not only receiving a full time pay check but also maybe being a small help in some ladies recovery.....even if it is just giving a smile for the next few days.

Cold weather has arrived in Oklahoma.  I brought in all my tropical plants for the winter.  The poor plants are in morning for losing all that lovely sun shine.  (Just heard we are gonna freeze again tonite!)

Hope your October is making you smile!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Have you ever been to the Paper Crown?

Went to Oklahoma City yesterday for a class with KC Willis at the Paper Crown.

AWESOME experience all the way around.
 KC Willis
 My unfinished project
More Projects in my future?    (yep)

I met a lady from Chelsea that loves art and photography but does not have a blog.  I also got to meet Lisa, I have been reading her blog for the last year or so.  Go over and look.  She made awesome flowers to put on her project.

Learned alot, met new people, came home tired to the bone......good experience.

***forgot:  since the sun was still shinning when I got back into Tulsa I went over into the "bad" side and got some takeout of our favorite Chinese food for supper and Lunch today...........YUM....life is gooood.  However, we still miss Ming Palace.   Wish we could find a good Chinese place in the safe part of Tulsa for supper and an eatable Chinese place here in town.  I know.  I. want. it. ALL.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today is Beautiful!

Today the temp is UNDER 100 degrees....beautiful!

I slept thru my alarm today for the first time in years. Ended up missing a chance to attend services with a friend at her church. Gonna have to give it another try next Sunday....I am sure she forgave my error :o)

Found this pic on the side bar of Face Book. I want to get a nail done in Miss Kitty! So very cute.

Since my camera has taken a vacation without me (no idea where it is) I have to use what I can get off the net. Guess it is time to clean house!

Hope your loving this cool weather!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Car Salesman

Well, I found out about the "scam" I thought (and still believe is) was going on at JG Chev.

Since I used to be in banking I called several of the good folks I knew back in the day at Tulsa banks on Monday. Each had heard of this practice at Jim Glover Chev. They had dealt with the unhappy customers. My loan officer here summed it up best: "Girl, you have just witnessed CRAPPY customer service!"

Seems this is a ploy to get customers in a car at a price and rate they can afford and of course think is wonderful. Then the Chevy place calls the customer back. In this case it took FOUR DAYS, remember the car was purchased on TUESDAY (BEFORE NOON) and they did not call back until SATURDAY. So let's see 6 hrs + 24 hrs + 24 hrs + 24 hrs + 6 hrs = 84 hours for them to come up with a call back. (The good people at Glover say it "could" take 24 to 48 hours.....really??)

The finance manager that was spoken to on Wednesday (not the original person) at Jim Glover when the car was returned to the dealership decided HE did NOT want the business since the person buying the car was upset, (he did not like the voice the buyer was using {soft and controlled} cause this sort of "thing" is bad for HIS blood pressure { no NOT the customer, JG employees}) and had went to TTCU to arrange for their own financing as they did not want the Chev place to get ANY kick back for the paper re writing due to their rudeness. HE DID NOT WANT THE BUSINESS and thru his irritation let it slip all the buyer need to do was make a down payment to get the 2.9% finance rate. Of course this little point was not disclosed to the buyer when the phone call was made on Saturday. Go figure.

I went to two other Chevy places, one here in town, told them what had occurred at JGC and they had heard about this practice and had complaints about JGC also, but do not participate in this practice, altho "bumps in the road" do occur. ;o)

The head of finance at Jim Glover is a real stand up guy. He listened to the full story and then proceeded to take care of the problem with real class. This gentle man has been with the Glover brand since JG Dodge. Wish I had asked for a card so I would know his name......he seems to be a stand up guy. {However, I am sure this terrible practice is still going on in his department with out a thought of badly his hurts the PERSON that purchases the auto. Cause REAL people are being HURT.}

I guess the person purchasing this car got some really good life lessons out of this whole mess. Would "I" recommend anyone buy a car at Jim Glover.....no. Too many banking people were very much aware of this on going problem at the dealership so Jim Glover had taken no action to clean up their act.

I still have a HUGE problem with the FACT not one person at Jim Glover Chev knew about the incentives, to the point the finance guy acted like the purchaser was crazy for suggesting such a thing. UNbelievable in MHO.

Unfortunately no other Chevy place around this area could match the price of the car so the buyer, being one smart cookie, purchased the car anyway.


Lord PLEASE do not let my car break down or conk out any time soon. Red, White and Blue, Christian advertisements for cars are FAKE.........in my humble opinion.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Could this be a Scam??

Say you purchased a new car on a Tuesday from Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You use the Chevrolet incentive rate of 2.9% to finance the your new automobile. You say NO to the GAP insurance and the additional three year warranty service they try to sell you.

So you have actually stopped them from getting the kick back from the bank they were going to use (5.9% interest), the extra cash they get from selling the GAP insurance and they make nothing from the company that sells the warranty coverage. Finance guy was PISSED to say the least about this, especially since NO ONE knew about the incentive rate......like the manager of the car lot had to look it up on his computer cause NO ONE at Jim Glover Chevrolet knew about the Chevrolet's incentives.

THEN on Saturday your salesman at Jim Glover Chevrolet calls you and says you have to come in and re sign your finance papers as the Chevrolet financing fell through.

Have you ever hear of such a thing???? Is this a scam??? I have been up set about this all day. Why would they let the car leave the lot if the credit had not been approved by Chevrolet? Isn't that what took the finance guy TWO hours to process the paper work??

I am afraid Jim Glover Chevrolet has a scam of some sort going on ........ thoughts???

Friday, May 20, 2011

Trailer of my Dreams

I found it!! The trailer I would love to own and call mine. It only has one problem (besides the price). The interior is RED......yuck.

She is an Airstream Cruisette, 1951 or 1952. Such a cutie!! Lots of room inside despite its small size. She would be my Flamingo Rose. sigh

Oh well, I am sure I will find one that I love more.

But for now my heart belongs to this cutie.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last Day

Today is my daughters last day working at WalMart. WM no longer hires full time 40 hour employees, not that she was getting 40 hours a week but she was considered a full timer. She is already bemoaning the lose of her discount card!

She has a better job with the state. I just hope she likes it as there is no going back to the photo lab at WM.

We are going to have some really bad storms today. Yesterday 'round three when the sky suddenly went TOTALLY black I nearly swallowed my gum! I am not overly fond of severe thunder storms. Since I was at work I was even more unhappy. (I rather be at my own home surrounded by my fur babies)

As you can tell from this post nothing exciting going on. That is not a complaint.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tulsa Bead Market

I attended the Bead Market at the Fair Grounds today. Fewer vendors there this year than last. With so many crafty ladies in Oklahoma I do not understand why these Markets are not better attended.

A couple of my friends go to the markets down in Texas and over in Arkansas but will not attend the ones in NE Oklahoma.?!? Don't get it.

Also, Jelcey is an awesome teacher and had not one student in either of her classes today. So sad.

On a better note I did my duty and purchased some really awesome beads, baubles and assorted goodies.
Enjoy our big o'moon this weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do thinK?

You think FeFe will let me "borrow" this truck for ....oh, say....the next ten years????? lol

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just so you know

I have tried to post comments on several blogs. For some reason STUPID, HATEFUL, Explorer is blocking me.

Seriously, what is the deal with Micro Soft? I won't allow "BING" to take over my "YAHOO" so now everyday I have a new issue.

If any of you know how to fix this problem, and you CAN comment, please do :o)

Enjoying the sunshine

Dream Mobile


Course I would have flaming HOT pink chairs and accessories. And it is an AUTOMATIC!!!

****don't wake me I'm dreaming..................

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can you believe it?

About a week ago just down the road a piece the temperature was a record setting NEGATIVE 31 degrees.

Yesterday we almost hit 80 degrees. Here at my house.

Yesterday I got sun burned. First and hopefully last burn of the year.

Today I hurt and am bright red.

Can NOT believe I got burned in February.

Oh and did I mention the wind was blowing a few thousand miles an hour?

Spring is on its way!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here we snow again

Love this girl. She is shoveling us out again.

another 20 inches of snow in OKLAHOMA filled in all the holes that had started to show as the old snow was melting.

today I feel sad because of this snow. but saturday it will be 56 degrees!!!!! 60 on Sunday. By Monday I will be able to drive myself to work in my own car.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So tired of snow. Seventeen inches set a record a few days ago. Six more inches Friday. Six to twelve more on its way tonight. *sigh*

I do not care for fluffy white. . . .cold. . . stuff any more. Ms Maggie is tired of the snow also.

Come on Spring!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is how she rolls

Fashionesta snow shoveling wear: Winnie the Pooh coat, star and moon pajama pants, zebra rain boots.

It was NEGATIVE 14 this morning.....not including wind chill......regular degrees.......WAY below freezing.

Send warmmmmmmmth.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My little dog loves to play in the snow.

This morning Ms Maggie made it to the end of the patio. Then came back in the warm house.

Don't step in the yellow snow on the patio. :o)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Send me Sunshine

We are going to have a blizzard tomorrow.

Please send us some warm sun :o)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Want to hear a funny story?

I had a dentist appointment Thursday morning that had to be cancelled due to a paper work problem. As we all know regardless of the pain level one is in the paper work must be correct and complete.

I was off on Friday (yesterday) so I decided to get all my paperwork in order so I could make another appointment. Reception is at the office on Fridays but no dentist. THE WEB SITE CONFIRMS CLOSED ON FRIDAYS. I went to the dentist office and handed in all the needed items to the sweet lady at the front desk.

This sweet lady says "you want to go ahead and get your x-ray since you are already here?" So I say sure. I am lead back to x-ray. Very painless procedure. However, the assistant spots the problem right off. She says "why don't you come sit back here so we can have a closer look." OK, I can come sit.

Keep in mind the web site says CLOSED ON FRIDAYS. In walks the dentist.....gulp! I should state here I am the BIGGEST chicken on the face of the earth.

He notices the bone loss and infection. Hmmmmm he says. Let's just numb this up a little. WHAT???? Just to look at it??

Well four hours latter I am walking out of the pharmacy with antibiotics missing two teeth and the proud owner of six stitches in my jaw. Seems the emergency guy on duty that day is an oral surgeon and he was bored I guess so he just jumped right in and "fixed" my little problem.

No antique shows for me this weekend as planned. I am home resting. Eating soft foods for the next week and a half.

Best part is my problem is fixed and I don't have to worry about it any more. The worst is over.

Next time I will mail in my paperwork!

How's your weekend going?