Monday, January 31, 2011

Send me Sunshine

We are going to have a blizzard tomorrow.

Please send us some warm sun :o)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Want to hear a funny story?

I had a dentist appointment Thursday morning that had to be cancelled due to a paper work problem. As we all know regardless of the pain level one is in the paper work must be correct and complete.

I was off on Friday (yesterday) so I decided to get all my paperwork in order so I could make another appointment. Reception is at the office on Fridays but no dentist. THE WEB SITE CONFIRMS CLOSED ON FRIDAYS. I went to the dentist office and handed in all the needed items to the sweet lady at the front desk.

This sweet lady says "you want to go ahead and get your x-ray since you are already here?" So I say sure. I am lead back to x-ray. Very painless procedure. However, the assistant spots the problem right off. She says "why don't you come sit back here so we can have a closer look." OK, I can come sit.

Keep in mind the web site says CLOSED ON FRIDAYS. In walks the dentist.....gulp! I should state here I am the BIGGEST chicken on the face of the earth.

He notices the bone loss and infection. Hmmmmm he says. Let's just numb this up a little. WHAT???? Just to look at it??

Well four hours latter I am walking out of the pharmacy with antibiotics missing two teeth and the proud owner of six stitches in my jaw. Seems the emergency guy on duty that day is an oral surgeon and he was bored I guess so he just jumped right in and "fixed" my little problem.

No antique shows for me this weekend as planned. I am home resting. Eating soft foods for the next week and a half.

Best part is my problem is fixed and I don't have to worry about it any more. The worst is over.

Next time I will mail in my paperwork!

How's your weekend going?