Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tulsa Bead Market

I attended the Bead Market at the Fair Grounds today. Fewer vendors there this year than last. With so many crafty ladies in Oklahoma I do not understand why these Markets are not better attended.

A couple of my friends go to the markets down in Texas and over in Arkansas but will not attend the ones in NE Oklahoma.?!? Don't get it.

Also, Jelcey is an awesome teacher and had not one student in either of her classes today. So sad.

On a better note I did my duty and purchased some really awesome beads, baubles and assorted goodies.
Enjoy our big o'moon this weekend.


Boot ~C said...

I'm planning on going tomorrow. Sad to hear it is so small, I was just saying yesterday what a small show it was last year.

Lisa said...

Oh- I wanted to go but had to go to OKC yesterday and am working an open house today. Other than the post card I got in the mail I didn't see any advertising for the show so I wonder if that might be the reason for the low attendance..
That's too bad. :(
Be sure to post what you make from the goodies you found!