Thursday, July 21, 2011

Car Salesman

Well, I found out about the "scam" I thought (and still believe is) was going on at JG Chev.

Since I used to be in banking I called several of the good folks I knew back in the day at Tulsa banks on Monday. Each had heard of this practice at Jim Glover Chev. They had dealt with the unhappy customers. My loan officer here summed it up best: "Girl, you have just witnessed CRAPPY customer service!"

Seems this is a ploy to get customers in a car at a price and rate they can afford and of course think is wonderful. Then the Chevy place calls the customer back. In this case it took FOUR DAYS, remember the car was purchased on TUESDAY (BEFORE NOON) and they did not call back until SATURDAY. So let's see 6 hrs + 24 hrs + 24 hrs + 24 hrs + 6 hrs = 84 hours for them to come up with a call back. (The good people at Glover say it "could" take 24 to 48 hours.....really??)

The finance manager that was spoken to on Wednesday (not the original person) at Jim Glover when the car was returned to the dealership decided HE did NOT want the business since the person buying the car was upset, (he did not like the voice the buyer was using {soft and controlled} cause this sort of "thing" is bad for HIS blood pressure { no NOT the customer, JG employees}) and had went to TTCU to arrange for their own financing as they did not want the Chev place to get ANY kick back for the paper re writing due to their rudeness. HE DID NOT WANT THE BUSINESS and thru his irritation let it slip all the buyer need to do was make a down payment to get the 2.9% finance rate. Of course this little point was not disclosed to the buyer when the phone call was made on Saturday. Go figure.

I went to two other Chevy places, one here in town, told them what had occurred at JGC and they had heard about this practice and had complaints about JGC also, but do not participate in this practice, altho "bumps in the road" do occur. ;o)

The head of finance at Jim Glover is a real stand up guy. He listened to the full story and then proceeded to take care of the problem with real class. This gentle man has been with the Glover brand since JG Dodge. Wish I had asked for a card so I would know his name......he seems to be a stand up guy. {However, I am sure this terrible practice is still going on in his department with out a thought of badly his hurts the PERSON that purchases the auto. Cause REAL people are being HURT.}

I guess the person purchasing this car got some really good life lessons out of this whole mess. Would "I" recommend anyone buy a car at Jim Too many banking people were very much aware of this on going problem at the dealership so Jim Glover had taken no action to clean up their act.

I still have a HUGE problem with the FACT not one person at Jim Glover Chev knew about the incentives, to the point the finance guy acted like the purchaser was crazy for suggesting such a thing. UNbelievable in MHO.

Unfortunately no other Chevy place around this area could match the price of the car so the buyer, being one smart cookie, purchased the car anyway.


Lord PLEASE do not let my car break down or conk out any time soon. Red, White and Blue, Christian advertisements for cars are my humble opinion.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Could this be a Scam??

Say you purchased a new car on a Tuesday from Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You use the Chevrolet incentive rate of 2.9% to finance the your new automobile. You say NO to the GAP insurance and the additional three year warranty service they try to sell you.

So you have actually stopped them from getting the kick back from the bank they were going to use (5.9% interest), the extra cash they get from selling the GAP insurance and they make nothing from the company that sells the warranty coverage. Finance guy was PISSED to say the least about this, especially since NO ONE knew about the incentive the manager of the car lot had to look it up on his computer cause NO ONE at Jim Glover Chevrolet knew about the Chevrolet's incentives.

THEN on Saturday your salesman at Jim Glover Chevrolet calls you and says you have to come in and re sign your finance papers as the Chevrolet financing fell through.

Have you ever hear of such a thing???? Is this a scam??? I have been up set about this all day. Why would they let the car leave the lot if the credit had not been approved by Chevrolet? Isn't that what took the finance guy TWO hours to process the paper work??

I am afraid Jim Glover Chevrolet has a scam of some sort going on ........ thoughts???