Sunday, September 25, 2011

Have you ever been to the Paper Crown?

Went to Oklahoma City yesterday for a class with KC Willis at the Paper Crown.

AWESOME experience all the way around.
 KC Willis
 My unfinished project
More Projects in my future?    (yep)

I met a lady from Chelsea that loves art and photography but does not have a blog.  I also got to meet Lisa, I have been reading her blog for the last year or so.  Go over and look.  She made awesome flowers to put on her project.

Learned alot, met new people, came home tired to the bone......good experience.

***forgot:  since the sun was still shinning when I got back into Tulsa I went over into the "bad" side and got some takeout of our favorite Chinese food for supper and Lunch is gooood.  However, we still miss Ming Palace.   Wish we could find a good Chinese place in the safe part of Tulsa for supper and an eatable Chinese place here in town.  I know.  I. want. it. ALL.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today is Beautiful!

Today the temp is UNDER 100 degrees....beautiful!

I slept thru my alarm today for the first time in years. Ended up missing a chance to attend services with a friend at her church. Gonna have to give it another try next Sunday....I am sure she forgave my error :o)

Found this pic on the side bar of Face Book. I want to get a nail done in Miss Kitty! So very cute.

Since my camera has taken a vacation without me (no idea where it is) I have to use what I can get off the net. Guess it is time to clean house!

Hope your loving this cool weather!