Thursday, October 20, 2011

Started my new JOB!

Happy Pumpkin Month!  October kicks off the holidays in my Home Sweet Home.  This year is gonna end on a really bright note........and we are actually gonna decorate for the holidays this year.

Good news:  After a week and two days training I spent my first day on my new job.

This job is a real change from sitting behind a computer at the desk all day.  I am now known as a "Recovery Support Assistant".  Working with ladies that really WANT to remove all kinds of drug addictions from their lives is gonna be very rewarding even tho I have very limited interaction with the ladies.

While in OKC for training I stayed at a Marriott.  Due to some ugly stains (I hope it was just stains) I had house keeping come up and change out the sheets on my very comfy bed.  Then, sometime during the nite I ended up with a bug bite in a not so awesome place  :o(    I am now on antibiotics for a nasty, HUGE, inflamed bite.

For my second day on the NEW job I woke this morning without my voice.  Called the doctors office again with an oh not so sexy whisper.  They think the antibiotic I am taking for the bug bite will take care of this problem also.  Not feeling so great today but seriously how can one call in sick on the second day and hope to keep their job?

Now that I am employed I am so looking forward to not only receiving a full time pay check but also maybe being a small help in some ladies recovery.....even if it is just giving a smile for the next few days.

Cold weather has arrived in Oklahoma.  I brought in all my tropical plants for the winter.  The poor plants are in morning for losing all that lovely sun shine.  (Just heard we are gonna freeze again tonite!)

Hope your October is making you smile!

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Lisa said...

Congratulations on your new job! Hope you are feeling better real soon- what a bummer...