Friday, February 3, 2012


Cool beautiful rain!  The cool makes the bones in my foot ache but I can almost hear my sleeping trees sigh with glee as they receive the cool hydration.  

I received my supply list for the soldering class.  Which of course means I will *have to* spend the week end setting up my studio, checking my supplies, ordering in excited!!  I surely hope I am good at soldering as I've got some plans going on in my little sigh of contentment.

Sorry, can't remember where I got this picture.  Cute envelope.
I want to learn how to make something like this cute envelope.  How on earth did the artist make that tiny little heart?  Isn't this just adorable?!?!?!   

Hope you can have a crafty week end also!

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Lori Anderson said...

That looks like a Jade Scott piece -- I think she's at