Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday 13

Friday 13 pictures of my garden before the storm hits and blows all my hard work away  :o)
 A couple of hungry moths did not care that I was standing so close.
 Front porch flowers in full bloom before their time.  These have been blooming since the first of March.  Unbelievable nice weather this spring.
 This is were I leave all my cares.  Work problems are buried under those hostas.  Co-worker problems are left under the bricks.  I come in the house dirty handed with a clean soul.
 I hide critters in my garden.  Critters of all sorts are born in my garden.  (Gopher go HOME)
 I just hope the hail does not ruin all these beauties.  The hosta leaves are their main beauty and hail really shreds them to pieces. 
The weatherman tells us it is getting more dangerous with each ticking moment.....not that they are loving all their drama but by Sunday Oklahoma could pretty much be blown to Texas  :o)   if the weather people are to be believed.  (Pray they are wrong)

Hope the tornadoes stay in the sky. Hope all of you sweet people stay safe.

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