Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Where's my sewing basket?

My daughter's cat, Tiger Lily, decide this sewing basket made a perfect perch for her afternoon nap. Doesn't she have a beautiful face? Tigs was the first homeless stray to show up in our yard.........and they just keep on coming. We can not afford to adopt any more. Course I can't turn one away hungry so I feed them and hope they keep on their journey.
The weather man just told us we might be getting snow tonight. I have a few perennials poking their heads up thru the ground. Hope they are ready for a white blanket.
Not much else going on tonight. I think I am tired from traveling so much the last two days. Hopefully I will have more energy tomorrow.
For the rest of tonight I am just going to sit here and surf the net.


Debra said...

Hi! I followed you here from my comments section!

I was an Okie for awhile. I graduated from OU in '76 and lived in Owasso for about 6 years where one of my sons was born. I owned a fabric store and taught home ec while there; then moved on to Chicago. I still have some very good friends in Owasso but haven't been back in years.

Stop by anytime and visit!

suze said...

Hi Francy,
just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and answer your question. To attach tissue paper to the boxes I use any gel medium. Usually mod podge or collage pauge.

pwl said...

Oh, she's pretty. I hope the strays are able to find good homes. It breaks my heart to see all the animals looking for homes. That's why I make the snuggles - we can't adopt any more either, but at least I can try to make them more comfortable while they're in a shelter waiting for their forever home

pwl said...

Thank you for your kind comment about my Laurel Burch quilt! I'm addicted to Laurel Burch fabric - just love the colours.

Patricia Davila said...

I understand why you liked the center of It's the cats meow" on my site. Someone loves cats.