Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

"Even though it had been dark for at least an hour, it was still ten degrees hotter than hell. Winter had stretched on and on, clawing greedily into April. Spring had lasted all of ten seconds. The heat had rolled in, sucking the joy out of the smallest breeze. Now it was the second week of June and we'd been afflicted by roasting heat that usually tormented us in August................."
Michell Bardsley "Over My Dead Body"

Good thing we have well written books to humor us through this nasty hot Oklahoma summer. I have been staying cool reading book five of her Broken Heart Oklahoma series. How did Ms. Bardsley know when she wrote the above for mentioned book that our spring was going to suck again this year? How could she have guessed that we would suffer one of the hottest Junes on record? Worst luck that the hi temps has followed into July. uckk! I think I will just blame her for my poor frying garden :o)

The book was a good read. Now I need to locate the other books to the series. Another chore I can accomplish from the air conditioned cool of the den.

Should you know of any other authors that write light humor filled mysteries please leave their name so I can check them out. I have already finished all of the books written by Anne George ( oh I am so sad to never hear from Aunt Sister and Mouse again! Such lovely stories were written by the late author) Also each book penned by Charlaine Harris.

I have the three books written by Betty Hechtman sitting on my side table to start as soon as I stop surfing the net.

Since my daughter is ill today (still asleep at 7 pm!) and I suffering from an aching head we have had no noise in the house all day. Since it is over 90 degrees out today I am glad I stopped by the library yesterday to stock up on some reading.

later gators!

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Anonymous said...

I do hope your able to cool yourselves from the heat! It has been very wet, then very hot and now very sunny to very cloudy. This is the biggest mixed bag i've ever seen this summer.

I do hope your all back to good health.