Saturday, August 8, 2009

I saw the Tin man!

We were welcomed to the Emerald City upon our arrival in the theater.
Glenda's dress on stage was sooooo very beautiful. It just sparkled and shined. Glenda and Effie could really belt a song. Sometime the sound was so loud we could not understand the individual words. However the sound of their voices were so smooth and lovely.

Here is Lu before we entered the PAC.

We saw these bike things from the BOK center up to the PAC. Guess it would keep one from walking a long distance to the event you were attending.

Lu wants a smart car. This one was parked by us so she had to snap a pic.

This was the firs time we saw the BOK center as we do not hang around downtown very often. It is on HUGE beauty.
The buildings along 3ed street from the PAC down to the BOK have been all spiffed up. There are even a couple of beautiful murals painted. We had a car behind us so the picture did not come out well.
Since there is all kinds of road construction going on we arrived EARLY then drove down third and finally ended up at Ron's Burgers for a fast supper. Let me tell ya GREASE was the word for the meal. They put two slices of cheese on the burgers. Most have the onions cooked in. My burger was just gross with grease and cheese. I scrapped off the cheese and covered the meat in ketchup and it was still gross and way to spicy for me. Lu ordered a burger that had a slice of ham on top of the meat and cheese. We had the BEST onion rings I had the pleasure to eat in a long time along with okra. Like I said GREASE was the word.
Since I have not read WICKED the whole play was an adventure to me. I absolutely loved the ending. Lu is going to get the book so I will read it after her. She also wants to read Son of a Witch. I really liked the take on OZ this author had as it was very up beat.
Doing some cleaning this week end and then working on my quilt top.

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