Saturday, October 31, 2009

I HATE fire

Oh geeeezzzzzzz!

We went to Kansas for a birthday party tonight. They had a huge, roaring fire going in this huge pit. Long store bought wiener sticks. Did I mention the fire was HOT!!!

I BURNT my hands. I kept moving back from the fire but by the time I got my wiener slightly warm the back of both of my hands started hurting. I went into the kitchen where there was good light and the back of both hands was bright red. I ran cold water over my hands so they would quit burning. Have your ever!?!

Oh goodness they still are uncomfortable! I used to roast wienies all the time as a kid and while my child was little and NEVER burnt my skin.

The party was fun. The fellowship was awesome. I am off to put cream on my hands.

Happy Halloween!


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