Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh what a night!

or more accurately morning. (monster dog, sweet BaiLea above)

I just got comfy in my warm bed when my dd burst into my room yelling "the dogs are out of the yard!" It was almost 3 a.m. ugh!

We are getting ready for the sale over at my moms house and are including our junk in her sale. Lu (for some reason?) went to the pole barn out back and left the side gate open. While she was out on the patio smoking she saw the dogs in the neighbors yard. Then it started misting. So I pulled on my jeans over my night gown and ran out side bare footed walking very fast up and down the block whisper yelling MAGGIE!

Luckily she caught BaiLea and I heard my beagle barking at me as she ran back into our yard. All is well except we along with the dogs are now VERY wet. So I get back in bed and keep noticing a light flashing out front. We have had a rash of "someone" busting out car windows and stealing stuff from autos in our area so I think someone either heard us or saw us walking in yards, thinking we are up to no good and called the police. I pull on my clothes to go out and tell the officers it was just us looking for our dogs.

It is now around 4 a.m.

As I head out the front door I see that Lu has placed all the boxes for the garage sale on our covered porch. The cover is a sun shade and does not keep driving rain off the porch. Well the lights I had been seeing was lightning and it was gearing up for a good storm. So now WE are out there hauling boxes back into the house so all our junk does not get ruined..........at FOUR in the morning and it was raining hard so once again we got soaked.

Needless to say it was close to SIX a.m. before all was settled down and back to sleep. Now I am so very tired. I still need to go into the store and work on the books. I just love the first of the month. :o)

I for one will be so glad when all of this stress is over.

Have a joy filled day


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