Friday, October 23, 2009

Saying Good bye

I am finally selling stuff from my moms house. Saying goodbye to all her lovely lovelies.

It is really hard to go to her house knowing she is not now nor will she ever be in her home again........ I wanted to donate everything to charity. Lou wanted to sell it all so I would have more cash to purchase stuff for mom. So I am selling stuff. Her bird baths and kitchen stove went today along with a ton of nic nacks. Bed room furniture will be picked up tomorrow. How does ones heart not break? How can I let go of the past with out tears?

We are having our first bad freeze tonight. All the plants will be gone tomorrow as I do not have a green house to over winter the beautiful beauties I had the pleasure of tending this year.

The sun will be out tomorrow and I will be in a better mood.

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