Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Day

Today is a design day. You of those days that it seems like every thing you do give you an idea for a design of some COOL thing? Well it seems that today is one of those days.

I love side or out side I just love to have life all around me. Especially inside. Makes the house brighter and air cleaner. But I have CATS. They are into everything and put everything in their mouth. I do not like looking at eaten on plants.

That being said a cool idea popped into my head while watching the American Olympic ski team on the telly. So I must get myself to a Lowe's real soon. I am excited to have plants IN the den with us again. Pictures to follow if it works..............which of course it will :o)

My baby nephew is coming to town. I say that with a big smile as Matthew is like 6 foot 2, very broad shoulders (he works out), blond hair, blue eye handsome kid of twenty something. I used to use him as my baby doll. He let me fix his hair and dress him up. lol I have some pictures that he wishes I would lose of him in diaper and dress. Course he was just a baby and one would only know it was Matt from the beautiful blond curls as none of the girls in the family has/had the beautiful ringlets.

I am ready to paint and re do the den. Just waiting for warm weather and of course a paying job so I can afford to buy the needed items. It has been about ten years since I have painted so it is desperately needed. I am going with French shabby chic as I love the Eiffel Tower and pink. Excited to see my plans come to fruition.

Trying to get week end stuff done with a sick kitty whining at my ankles is difficult. Carter has a snotty nose and wants to be held. He follows me around and crying for attention. I thought I was well past carrying a "toddler" on my hip (shoulder) when my daughter entered middle school. Not so when the kitty is not feeling well. Hope he is better soon running around the house tearing up jack.

Now I must clean some and ready to visitors. (Carter is taking a nap!! Oh happy hour.)

Have a warmly wondrous week end.



Riki Schumacher said...

Thanks so much for finding my blog and leaving a comment. You're entered in the contest! You must be freezing with all that weather! Yuk. Is that a picture of a Yorkie dashing through the snow? I have a Yorkie, so just curious. Take care, good luck!

Riki Schumacher said...

Silky and Beagle! Would never have guessed. What a doll. Seems to love the snow. Stay warm! Riki