Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kindle vs Nook

I have wondered lately which one is better, Kindle (we own 2) or the Nook.

I finished reading the fifth book in the series by Madelyn Alt and needed to download the newly released book from April 9th. To my shock there was not a Kindle release, only hardback. That means shipping and waiting for arrival of the book or driving to the City to pick the book up. What to do?

After whining A LOT I checked the Barnes and Noble site for the book to make sure they even had it in stock before going to the City. Once on the site I noticed THEY had the e book of "A Witch in Time"! It was more expensive than the hard cover book at Amazon!

I downloaded the book with many a grumble so I could finish up the series. While in the City yesterday for a beading class at Beadles in BA I stopped in at B&N to look for a new series to grab my attention. Upon entry to the store there sat the NOOK in all its glory. Oh my they have the cutest covers for the Nook (pink envelope cover just for me!). Course the Nook is 259 and the cover was 35. Have I mentioned we own 2 kindles? (Only one has an awesome cover, purple with an ugly long strap thingy to keep it closed. NOT mine btw)

Since I have to read books on my 17 inch lap top (that is a HUGE territory compared to the Kindle that I am used to) I almost bought us a Nook. Just so I would not have to read books from my computer since it so very much more comfortable to use my hand held. In the end I did walk away from the Nook as I figured I could suffer a bit and would rather spend the money on new books and beads.

So what are your thoughts? Which e reader do you use? Or do you just read an actual book? Do you think owning two different e readers (three counting the computer) is worth it?

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Wanda said...

This has to do with SB...sorry..I was just looking at the registration page and it looks like they might have opened a few more slots for SJ's classes. Can't hurt to pop and check. :) Good luck.