Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cat in the box

I turned on fans to day to keep a breeze going thru the house since it feels like 107 here. My poor baby mowed the lawn this morning around eight a.m. to beat the heat ........ it was 80 already!

Carter decided to nap in the box our cooker arrived in. Heat does not bother this air conditioned cat. Of course as soon as the sun goes down I will remove his "bed" to the outside trash bin. I felt so sorry for our guy in brown and our mailman today. Bless them for all the hard work they do daily in this nasty Oklahoma heat.

Hope it's cool where you are today.



The Pennington Point said...

Oh I know it! I'm in Texas and it;s already getting to be unbearable! Lisa~

Julie Pishny said...

Oh, I'm with you those poor guys out there working in the heat deserve our appreciation - especially in the Summer.

You putty cat is so sweet curled up in the box - packing and all. Cracks me up! Hugs - Julie