Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Big dog was feeling under the weather last evening. She was not her usual happy self.
Today she stuck by my daughter's side until dd left for Arkansas. A couple of hours later I went to check on BaiLea to make sure she was doing ok.
To my dismay, and amusement, I found her and her hippo sleeping in my bed. The sweet smelling bed I had cleaned/washed just yesterday. Guess I will be washing the bedding again today.
Good thing I love that mutt!
It is snowing this afternoon. I plan on getting some sewing done while my child is gone. I will post pics later.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New scanner

I bought my daughter a 4x6 scanner thingie from QVC. I will attempt to scan the pictures she took at the newly discovered quilt store on her phone.

Yes I did bring my good digital camera with, however, I had taken out the memory card to up load the pics at Wal Mart onto a disk. I promptly took the card out of my pocket so I would not mess it up (or lose it) as soon as I returned home. I never made it all the way into the den to it back into my camera.....duh! So I walked around the store whining ;o)

Therefore, daughter very sweetly took pics of the cool quilts so I could later blog about the store. Now I will borrow her new toy................

Back soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Still sick. Hanging out at the hospital with Mom exposed us both to tons of germs. I was so shocked when they put an ill person in her room. I thought I was careful keeping both of us washed. I am just grateful she has not come down with the virus.

Of course since I am ill I can't be with my mom. She does not have a phone in her room yet so I have my daughter call me on her cell while she is there visiting, that way I can sorta keep in touch.

I went into work for 3 hours today. Had time to print off the quilt pattern for the Bush quilt project. Daughter and I went to Joplin Saturday so she could purchase material for a new quilt for mom. We visited a new quilt store I will blog about tomorrow. While in Jo Ann's I was able to purchase a package of 300 basting pins to send to Tia with my blocks. Since I am new to quilting I am not sure how many pins are used on a quilt. Do you think 300 is enough? I was unable to enjoy the trip as I was feeling poorly.

I feel tomorrow will be a much better day so I will be out and about and NO MORE drugs :o)

Keep happy,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who could do this?

I delivered Sunday supper to my 80 yo mom as we do each week. She did not answer her door and her phone had been busy for a long time that day. Not unusual as she is prone to "fits". So I unlocked her door..............I hope to NEVER see that sight again.

Mom was in the middle of the living room floor. I thought she was dead. Her house was ransacked........such a heart stopping moment. I called for the police and ambulance. The paramedics arrived first.

Mom moved, I was so very relieved, when the man touched her and talked VERY loudly. She said (person) had hit her when the paramedic asked her why she was on the floor. She had been there for over 24 hours as far as we can make out. That is really bad news for an older person.

Mom was in the hospital until yesterday. Now she is in a nursing home, a place she NEVER wanted to have to go to, as she bruised her nerves on the left side of her body. Mom can not walk or use her left hand.

As we slowly reconstruct what actually happened I hope she just fell. How could anyone hit an old lady? If you asked her for something (her cash is missing) she would gladly give it to you. No force necessary.

Pray for her.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V Day!

I finally found my pass word! Now I can post again. I still need to find my camera thingie so I can add interest with pictures. One step at a time.

My bedroom re-do is almost complete. My new rug arrived yesterday. I still need to do some touch ups then talk my daughter into helping me move the furniture one more time.

I must say I am surprised at how long it has taken to paint that room. We have had nice weather and then into the deep freeze. I just can not get motivated to work when it is cold and gray out. I am a lover of sun shine. Yesterday was so lovely! I worked on the lawn for a few my back if telling me I worked too long :o)

Back to looking for that missing cable.