Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who could do this?

I delivered Sunday supper to my 80 yo mom as we do each week. She did not answer her door and her phone had been busy for a long time that day. Not unusual as she is prone to "fits". So I unlocked her door..............I hope to NEVER see that sight again.

Mom was in the middle of the living room floor. I thought she was dead. Her house was ransacked........such a heart stopping moment. I called for the police and ambulance. The paramedics arrived first.

Mom moved, I was so very relieved, when the man touched her and talked VERY loudly. She said (person) had hit her when the paramedic asked her why she was on the floor. She had been there for over 24 hours as far as we can make out. That is really bad news for an older person.

Mom was in the hospital until yesterday. Now she is in a nursing home, a place she NEVER wanted to have to go to, as she bruised her nerves on the left side of her body. Mom can not walk or use her left hand.

As we slowly reconstruct what actually happened I hope she just fell. How could anyone hit an old lady? If you asked her for something (her cash is missing) she would gladly give it to you. No force necessary.

Pray for her.


Julia said...

Hi Francy,
I'm so sorry to read what happened to your Mum..
It happens a lot here...not safe even in your own home..
I hope she come through OK..

suze said...

How sad! It's a scary world we live in. I have her in my prayers.