Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day of Firsts

First time the fur babies were NOT allowed to come out and play in the sun.

First mower injury for the year. Hopefully the last :o) DD needs to learn to wear shoes when mowing.

First pretty weeds............... anyone want to make some wine?

First pretty flowers in the pretty weeds...........

First time to mow the weed pit aka the lawn.

First time for my dd "new wheels" to be out of the box.

She was so excited to "play" with her new mower. I hope the excitement lasts all summer.
Also, first time for me to touch a slug this year YUCK! I had to scrub my hands with a Mr Clean pad. Those things are just nasty. However, my host as are starting to poke their little heads from the earth.
I was so surprised to see Oklahoma wind had blown every single bit of my mulch away but of course left a ton of leafs. Since the nice soaking rain last evening I can replace the mulch with out watering first. Hopefully the sun and warmth will return in a couple of days and I can get to work in my little garden.
Ain't life wonderful!?!!!

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