Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now what do I do?

I thought JoAnn's Fabrics fabric was "good" quality fabric. They have such cute, bright, fun fabrics. I find inspiration each time I visit......not to mention cool books and patterns. The 40% off coupons enables me to afford to purchase the items I like.

As I was making the rounds reading my favorite blogs one of the ladies stated the Quilts of Valor wanted to make a ton of quilts this spring. I was excited as this lady is an awesome quilter and she said she would quilt the tops we make and even make the label! Since I have no idea how to do a label I thought this was my chance to do something for someone I don't even know as I have always wanted to make a quilt for a service women (think pink**).

Then I went to the site to get the instructions and it said not to use chain store fabric as it is not up to snuff, that we should use quilt store fabric............I do not know of a quilt store that sells fabric I can afford to purchase as they hardly ever have a sale. They also stated we had to use red, white, and blue (not pink). The only patriotic fabric I have is "Hello Kitty", purchased at JoAnn's, and since the site said we had to use age appropriate fabric I am just out of luck.

The blocks for the Bush fire quilt was from the chain store also, so I won't be sending them. Now I feel bad that I even signed up.

I do plan, however, to make my quilt out of the pink, green, and black fabric with the cats on it. I think it is cute and if it falls apart after a while at least I can enjoy it while I have it and can always look at the pictures with fond memories.

Other non interesting news my cold is moving down into my chest making me cranky.

The sun will come out tomorrow..........

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