Monday, March 2, 2009

ISO: Seahorse

About four months ago a co worker handed me a sonogram . Several people were standing around chatting so I was not sure who it belonged it. Being the smart mouth I am I asked "who is having the seahorse?" since the little white thing floating in the black pool looked liked one. I did not know she was expecting as she and her husband were told they would NEVER be able to have a child.

I told the story about my flub to my daughter. Two or so weeks later my dd was in a local drug store looking around and she found the cutest stuffed seahorse! My daughter bought it and brought it to the bank to show me. We took in down stairs to give it to my co worker. Well she was just over the moon with the little blue/yellow/green creature, course it was really cute also. It was the babies first toy!

Today I found out they are expecting a BOY. I would love to find a baby quilt pattern with a cute little sea horse on it. It could even be a pre printed panel such as the adorable big eyed sea horse in Finding Nemo.

If you know of one please point me in that direction. All suggestions are appreciated :o)

Keep happy!


Judi said...

Such a cute story. I wish I had a seahorse pattern for you, good luck in your quest! Take care.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Here is one..
On this page, the 6th one down...
And on this page, the seahorse is the 8th quilt down...

Happy stitching!
...and thanks for your kind comment on my blog...