Monday, March 9, 2009

My day is done...

I have worked off and on all day on my bedroom, putting the new rug down, cleaning out my closet. Carter LaRue (little kitty above) decided the whole rug was "his" and has spent the day running all the other animals out of my room, protecting his territory. He has been so entertaining to watch.

Maggie was able to sneak in while Carter was checking out what was going on in the drive across the street. My cats are VERY nosey. I have always hoped the neighbors don't think it is me pinking out the drapes when it is actually one of my nosey kitties :o)
It was rather hot here again today. I threw open the windows and turned on a couple of fans to keep the house cooler as I worked. I love the fresh air after being closed up so long this winter.
My daughter took me to Grove this afternoon for lunch. She had the air conditioner turned on in her truck! (not that I complained mind you) The roads over there by the lake are so curvy they make me ill as I suffer from motion induced migraines. The migraines makes life interesting sometimes, especially when I am not prepared as was the case today, I did not know where she planned on taking me so I did not take my motion sickness pills before we left the house. We had a lovely lunch then went over to Wal Mart to see a friend of hers. I enjoyed walking around letting my lunch "settle" before we headed back home. One of the "good" side effects of being un employed is NOT spending money while walking around a store killing time.
I decided to simplify my life as much as possible. Old stuff that I have been holding on to for years is moving out the door. I am sad to say I had three sacks of shoes in the floor of my closet. Since I can't wear heels any longer there is no reason to hold on to them. I dusted off, polished, did simple repairs to all of my dress heels readying them for charity. Threw away broken down shoes that are beyond repair. Now my closet has clean shoes ready to slip on next time I have a interview.
I also removed all the old clothes I no longer can or will wear. The good ones are going to charity and the ones that can't be used as dusting rags are being pitched. I will NOT be buying clothes or shoes for a long time! Another money saver :o)
Now the time has come to wind down and ready for bed. It is going to take me awhile to get used to daylight savings time that just started today. Everyone else has turned in except me of course. I have an appointment in the morning so staying up playing on the computer half the night is not a good idea.
Sweet dreams!

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