Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a differance a day makes!

I covered the main part of my hostas with old sheets. It kept snowing and lightly raining for most of last evening.

After the sun had been up awhile and had a chance to take the chill off the air I uncovered the plants.

I think they made it for the most part. Course it will take about three days or so for the damage to show up.
I am glad the sun is shinning to day. BaiLea stayed out a couple of hours even tho she still is feeling under the weather. She is so mopey............I think I am going to get worried about her if she does not snap out of it soon. I am going to ask DD to give the dog an allergy shot just in case that is the main problem.
I forgot to take my allergy pill last night and am sorely paying for it today. I stayed in bed until dd left for work at two this afternoon. Course I had to get up early to take care of the dogs and the garden so I should say I kinda laid around today.
I finished listening to "Definitely Dead" by Charlaine Harris before going to bed last night, actually four o'clock this morning. The Tulsa library does not have any of her books on tape so I guess I will have to buy the books and actually read'm! I love to turn on the MP3 while cleaning or working in the garden and listen to books. I rarely have time to just sit and read.......there is usually too much going on. Besides I like to keep my hands busy. Does any one have a cheap source for down loadable books? I found one place online that charges 7.98 per book but that is just too pricey for me. Even when I have full time employment I don't like to pay that much for a book since I can "read" one a day. Expensive habit.
Off to surf the net. Have a wonderful day.

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