Saturday, April 4, 2009

Such a beautiful day

Poor baby Carter (above) is still under the weather. The virus going thru the Cat family has affected his voice. He sounds so funny. DD keep harassing him to make him squawk. I will be so happy to see this virus out the door. I have cleaned up more cat puke in the last two weeks than I have had to clean in the last twenty years. My poor fur babies need to get healthy.

On a sadder and scarier note my baby brother was on his was home from a Special Olympics function today when the van he was riding in almost hit a deer. The deer ran out in front of the van, the van swerved to miss the deer, hit an embankment, traveled down into a ditch and then slammed into a tree. Thank goodness it did not turn over.

Everyone was transported to the hospital. A couple of the guys were pretty banged up. My brother has a torn liver. The nurse said to keep him comfortable and control the pain........nothing else to be done. His right side is pretty sore, however, he is proud he handled his self so well while he was being poked and prodded and MRI'd. Scary stuff.

I requested they not tell his mother as she would freak out. There is nothing mom can do from the nursing home except sit and worry............and cry as she is so very prone to do now days.

It was such a beautiful day! I opened up the house while cleaning. It just seems so much easier to clean on sunny days.

Off to finish up my fourth book by Charlaine Harris "Dead as a Doornail". I hope I can locate the rest of the series as I have really enjoyed the story lines.

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Grand Pooba said...

Oh you're poor kitties! I hope they get better soon! And your poor brother! That is so scary, but you're right, they are lucky it didn't roll!

Ok, You're ahead of me on Dead As A Doornail, you'll have to tell me what you think when you finish!

Plus, you HAVE to read Dead To The World! I'd be happy to let you borrow my copy, I really liked that one so you just can't skip it! So let me know if you're interested and I'll mail it out to ya.