Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dead and Gone

My daughter brought home the new Sookie Stackhouse novel yesterday. I could hardly wait to get home so I could read it, however, my daughter had other plans.

We went shopping. I needed to go to Joann's to get plastic to make up the templates for the star quilt pattern I am making her. Then of course I had to go to Barnes and Noble while she was in Old Navy, then we were off to Wal Mart and a fast stop at Krispy Kream for me :o)

We got home after 10:30 last night so I only go the first 16 ( oops I only read the SIX chapters, 98 pages) chapters read. I hope to have time to finish it up tonight. So far it I have enjoyed all but one part.

I need to go into both part time jobs today so I must say working is cutting into my reading time. Since my car payment is due next week I will go in with a smiling face so I will be invited back tomorrow.

Still not much sunshine. Water is standing in several places around here. It is starting to stink. I really do not know how people living by swamps can stand the smell of the rotting plants and such ex specially when it gets really hot. The stink really kicks up my allergies. I want spring to come back!

Off to get ready for work.

1 comment:

Grand Pooba said...

Only the first 16 chapters? You are crazy woman. I must be a slow reader because could not read 16 chapters in one night!

You are now ahead of me in the Sookie novels! I must catch up, but I still haven't finished Wicked yet!

Let me know what you think when you've finished the book!