Saturday, May 2, 2009

Storms just keep on comin

Every time the rain stops the cats run to the windows to watch the birds. The two on the left were ferrel cats used to catching their daily meals. The fat one on the right is Jennifer my spoiled hand raised cat. Jennifer just stares at the other two when they start making the weird noise that cats make when hunting. The calico in the middle is a LOUD huntress. She can drive ya crazy with the noise she makes when she is on the hunt. It is just a miracle she did not starve in the wild as she had to have been scaring off her supper with her ear piercing screams! Now that she is kinda tame, very spaded, house dweller she "hunts" the electronic birds I hide around the house for her.
I am going to start cutting out blocks to catch up on the nine patch quilt along going on over on "crazy mom quilts". (one day I will learn how to attach the blogs to the words) Pictures to follow.
Having a happy, no more flooding allowed, soggy Saturday :o)

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