Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family day

Sundays are family day in my house. In the past we would dress for church and meet grandpa for services. Then we would meet grandpa and grandma for lunch. After we eat we would then go to my moms house to deliver her lunch and visit. The rest of the day we could spend doing activities we enjoyed.

Then grandma died. A couple of years later we lost grandpa. Now mom is in a nursing home. I still take supper to her every Sunday and then have supper with my daughter.

All of this being said to underline how wonderful it was this past Sunday to have family we rarely see stop in for supper (Pizza Hut) on their way back to Tulsa from Springfield/Branson.

Janice, my oldest brothers first wife and mother to his oldest two kids, is pictured below. It had been several years since we had visited with her.

Below the shy girl in the sunglasses is Traci, my oldest niece (almost 40? :o) and my youngest brother proudly showing off his newest Special Olympics medal.

Also joining in on pizza and great conversation was Traci's daughter and a friend, both teens so I will not post their picture.

Mom was excited to have so many visitors . She has stated many times that Sunday is her loneliest day. We all enjoyed the short time we had together. My hope is we will have more visits in the future.

Tomorrow I start cleaning up my shade garden. We brought home tons of plants so I will be spending every spare minute out in my garden. Oh joy! I just love to dig in the dirt.

Pictures to follow....................

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