Friday, May 22, 2009

Babies all around

These baby robins were waiting for their mom and dad to bring them supper. I was shocked at how low in the tree the nest is. This shot was taken of me standing flat footed on the ground and just raised the camera up over my head and shot down. Probably only like six and a half feet off the ground. I hope they make it to adulthood.

I have started reading Charlaine Harris' "Aurora Teagarden Mystery" series. Our small library does not have the whole series. That is just so distressful. I love to read the books in order.

I finished "A fool and his Honey" last evening. Let me tell ya it contained a shocker. I was caught completely off guard when one the characters died. I just felt so sad. Yes, I am aware these are fictional people but I kinda liked this character and most certainly was not prepared for the death. Kinda like if Bill would die in the Sookie Stakehouse series. Just so distressing.

Today I read another one of the series "Poppy Done to Death". I think I cried more reading this book than all the other combined. The darn book is only 230 pages and I just could not put it down. Now I have nothing left to read. I must get back to the library tomorrow as they will be closed Sunday and Monday. Course if I do not remember to take back all the books I have read this last week they won't let me check out any more :o) Note to self: put books in car to deliver to library.

Now I am going to have to hunt down the rest of the books in the series. I to have time to run to Gardner's used books over at 41st and Mingo.

I worked in my garden most of yesterday. The mosquitoes just about drained me of blood. I have ichie spots all over my arms and feet. I really need to find someone that sell Avon so I can get some skin so soft ........... FAST. I have not heard much about West Nile this year and have no plans on being the first to contract that nasty stuff. We have had standing water for so long the mosquitoes are thick. I hate to spray deet all over my skin and usually reserve it for my clothes, however, I will use it next time to keep the little blood suckers off me.

I have not enjoyed spring as much as I had planned. We had two days of nice weather followed by 28 days of rain, storms, tornadoes and flooding. Then it hit 80++!! That's Oklahoma spring this year. I would like to has sever days of 70 to 75 with slight clouds so I would not burn so badly even with 50 spf all over my body! I am just too old to think a good tan is necessary especially with the skin cancer being so prevalent in our family. I personally believe it is just WRONG for a person to die from a tiny mole. That is the main reason I try my best not to burn any more as we all know better to stay out of afternoon sun.

Since I plan on hitting the garden first thing in the cool morning I must head to bed.

Happy Saturday!

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