Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here it comes!

I worked very hard in my garden today. It felt like 90 degrees out in the shade with a slight breeze. I had just started to put the mulch on the completed part when the when the wind started gusting and the sky started getting dark. I kept on working until the winds were shaking the trees so hard the BIG red ants were falling on me..............eeewwww.

I ran back out the nursery to get a couple (five single and one six pack) plants for the garden. Then I wasted time at WalMart buying some Mo-skeet-toe repellent and sun screen. I think half the town was out there shopping. Over two hours later I finally got back home.

Anyway, anyone that has lived in Oklahoma very long knows when it suddenly gets cool after it has been very hot it is time to make sure the path to the storm cellar is clear, every one has on good sturdy shoes, (NO flip flops allowed) and clean underwear just in case you end up in the emergency room (would not want to embarrass Grandma). I make sure I know were my kid and the animals are and a nice big pillow.

I am glad it has cooled down but now that it has rained we may have to put off going to the cemetery to put our flowers out tonight. This time of year is only time I think it is really pretty out there. All the beautiful flowers waving in the wind. Most all the weeds have been trimmed and the head stones and ledgers are all sparkly clean. I hate going out there :O(

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suze said...

I am still trying to get the hang of the storm situation here. Both myself and my friend that also moved here from MD were cooking when the tornado siren went off and we continued to cook and I said we are soooo going to die here.