Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

This is my mommy. All of my family arrived this afternoon to celebrate my mom's 81st birthday with strawberries and shortcake provided to us by my oldest cousin, Faye. Two of my nieces, two great nephews and one great niece were in town for lunch. Uncle John stayed at my nieces house while one of the babies slept. John did all the cooking and did not get to enjoy dessert with us at moms.

This is Faye with her granddaughter, Jean Ann. We had a wonderful time and mom was so very excited to have her family with her as you can tell by the big smile in the above picture. I even got to spend time with my brother when my daughter and I went back to the nursing home later in the evening with mother's supper. Such a blessing to have a close and loving family.
Mother's birthday is actually Friday. Her oldest grand daughter, Traci, is coming to visit her on Friday to celebrate. Mom is really looking forward spending more time with her.
My daughter brought home some lovely flowers for me today. We have had a time keeping her cat out of them :o) Cooper is "special" and very hard to train. Hopefully he will be nicer to my flowers than he has been with hers in the past.
I will have watermelon for dessert this evening after enjoying the supper my dd will be fixing for me. Then enjoy a soothing pedicure.
Off to enjoy the rest of my day.

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