Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's in the bag!

I came in the back door. Set my purse and Jo Ann's bag down on the counter.

Later I heard something rattling a sack. When I checked it out Carter had climbed into the sack under my template plastic for a "cat nap" on my purse. I always caution my daughter to make sure there is only trash in sacks she carries out to the trash bin just in case our lovely Carter has decided to climb in.

Carter was rescued from the trash bin behind a grocery, Carter's Food Center, hence his name. I brought him home, Thanksgiving day, to find a safe and loving home for him. As we slowly tamed him he wrapped himself firmly around our hearts.
I can NOT find any more homeless animals. We now have all we can afford to take care of properly. Also, since we live in town we are at out legal limit :o)
In other news my darling daughter stopped by Pizza Hut after work to pick up a couple of pizzas for out supper. I was already at the nursing home visiting mom so she just brought the food on out and we had a wonderful family supper. Mom was thrilled.
Have a wonderful week!

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Rachel said...

That is very funny. When I bring in groceries my dogs stick their heads in the bags to see if there is any thing in there for them. :)