Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bath time

Today's entry is about Kallie. She showed up one spring day, moseyed into my garage and promptly delivered three baby kittens. I got her really good food so she could feed the kittens. I told her we would find her and her babies a good home.

She has never left. (We also kept Cooper, her youngest son, since he has a damaged brain. More about him in a later post.)

Fast forward to this summer and Kallie Jo is very much part of our family. She is also full of fleas. So my sweet daughter decided to give her a bath. I helped by grabbing the camera and snapping pictures while laughing my fanny off.

She rolled up as tight as she could. (this is my favorite pic)

She strained and struggled to escape.

She thought she could escape out the open window (she forgot about the screen).
Finally my daughter was able to finish up Kallie's first bath. BTW: it is true Dawn dish washing liquid is gentle enough to use on cats because it does not contain nasty chemicals. Dawn does kill fleas dead. (soap softens their hard shell so they die) LOVE Dawn for dishes and the animals.
Kallie looks big but is truly no heaver than a feather. Her bone structure is actually very tiny. Her feet, however, are the size of salad plates.
Even tho she was NOT crazy for the bath Kallie decided she really loved being towel dried. She sat and purred on my lap for almost an hour while I gently rubbed her hair dry. Actually I was so proud she did not use her claws on my child I wanted to show her lots of love! Things went much better than I expected.

Bonus: she has stopped jumping up on the kitchen counter ;o)

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suze said...

I just love Dawn! I have also washed my cat with it. She was a mess when we got her and I had to give her a bath every week for a couple months. I put her in the bathtub and she was very good about it. I love how soft and good smelling it made her.