Saturday, July 11, 2009

New day

(quilt from Paducah Quilt Show - Everyday Barns & Family Farms -- Karen Hanken)

New Day. Same tune. Heat index of 105 to 110! How do people stand it? I have on the air conditioner and two fans just to keep cool. Doesn't the weather in the quilt above look cool and inviting? Most certainly does not depict an Oklahoma farm.
My trees started defoliating in June! I am raking leaves in July heat. How WRONG is that! I went out to water the plants this afternoon until I suddenly stopped sweating and noticed I had a headache. Since I have been drinking soda all day I guess thirty minutes was all the moisture I had in my system. For once the dogs did not argue with me when I called them in with me.

I had planned on going to the quilt show in Dewey, however, by the time I walked out to the car I felt like I needed to have another shower from all the nasty sweat that had popped out of every pore of my body. I shut the garage door and came back in the house. Another day of flat hair.
We have company coming next week. My cousin from California is flying in for a girls only weekend with her old class mates of 35 or 36 years ago. She is staying here the first weekend so we will have a family reunion in her honor. This is the first get to gather we have had as a family in about five years.............way too long!
Also, my eldest nephew is flying in for meetings with the good folks at OU. He is hoping to schedule enough time to see mom. I am gonna run out to the nursing home while he is here. It has been three to five years since I have seen him!
That being said I need to clean house this week end as we have a busy week ahead. I have an interview for an accounts payable job Monday. The pay is the big question with this job as I think they are not wanting to pay what I am requiring. I will go to the interview with a smile on my face and wow them with my outstanding personality :o) Fingers crossed.
I came home ill yesterday and felt icky all evening. Now my baby girl seems to be afflicted. She gonna be MAD at me for bringing home a bug.
Have a cool day.

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suze said...

Hey there Francy,
Love that quilt. I want to go to the Paducah show next year.
Thanks for your comment today. I was bitten by a fiddleback when I was twelve and that is probably why I have a huge fear of spiders.
If I saw the tarantula I would have had a heart attack!!!