Monday, August 31, 2009


My power cord died! No more lap top for awhile.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quilt Guild news

Quilts of Valor will be hosting a new challenge. They stated there are 2.7 MILLION quilters in the good ol US of A. Their challenge is for ONE million of these quilters to make a new quilt using the new pattern designed by a Pryor Quilt Guild member, "Touched by War." We were delighted to see a picture of the quilt that was overnighted to Washington to be at the new release. Michele Obama will be endorsing this challenge.

Close to the end of this year the quilt will be on Martha Stewart's show. Any person that has participated in any war will now be eligible to receive a quilt, not just those that are fighting terrorism. At this time it was not known if the quilt pattern will be free for us to make a quilt from or if it will be used as a fund raiser. Any way you look at I am totally excited I get to participate in the making of Quilts of Valor!

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with so I could not take a picture and as a new member I did not know the lady's name that designed the quilt. I think they said Lee Ann. They did say she is in the process of having her second book published and she has self published patterns before. Just so exciting! The quilt would be very beautiful made in bright colors.

Have a joy filled day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

CKC Tulsa

Creating Keepsakes Convention in Tulsa was a bit of a disappointment this week end. The number of vendors was WAY down. I was shocked at the amount of empty space on the floor.

I guess that might have helped me save some cash. However, a new place from Rose, Oklahoma was there with Maya Road! I do love me some Maya Road, actually about EVERYTHING they make. Bare cardboard is my thing. There was also more glitter stuff around. I purchased a nice kit while I was in Houston at the International Quilt show last October so I had to augment that kit with a few new glitters.

Technique Tuesday had some nice new stamp sets that had to come home with me. I found one TT stamp set I am going to alter to make a personalized stamp for the stuff I make. There was also a Close to My Heart booth so I picked up a couple of stamp sets from them. Also, Maya Road has stamps now! I got two cute hooters for fall cards/projects.

I signed up for Michaels internet ads and they sent me a 50% off coupon! Since there is a Michaels right there by where they were having CKC I popped in to purchase a new brayer with my coupon. I found the MOST awesome Tim Holtz stamps there. They weren't on sale so I have put them on my list really would like to have items when they are cheaper. I must have his Paris stamp set for my new French altered book. I also want some of his pens and other goodies. Good thing I will now get the ads by e mail :o)

I had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby so that was my next stop. I purchased another stamp set there as they were kinda in the shape of postage stamps and I LOVE all things that look like postage.

Next coupon was for JoAnn's. I need/want one of those purple suction cup handles for my quilt rulers. I can't seem to find one any where. So I spent my coupon on a 2.5 inch binder ruler. They also had 5 simplicity patterns for five bucks so I had to pick up a couple more. I need to make my mom some aprons with multi pockets so she can carry around all her paraphernalia as she rolls around in her wheel chair and a lap blanket pattern with pockets. Simplicity has several neat patterns for the elderly.

After a soup lunch at Olive Garden (yum I just love garlic) I popped over to Handcocks. I found the cutest Halloween cat fabric to make moms apron with a bit left over for my scrap bin. I think I will make her a new one for each month so she won't get board with them or if she absolutely hates them she can just toss the ones she doesn't like. Handcocks did not have the suction cup handle for my quilt rulers either. Guess I will have to look online for one. I did find some little metal charms on clearance (71 cents each!) to use on my Sue Spargo wall quilt. I am really looking forward to taking Sue's class next month in Rogers, AR as I was looking at the wool fabric and did not have a clue what else I need to purchase.

Off to clean and get ready for the coming week. Since I had so much "fun" shopping I am going to have to put in extra hours at my two jobs to pay for it. There is always a price to pay :o)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tummy Bug

A nasty tummy bug has been giving me problems since Tuesday. The nasty weather along with allergies has just made this past week miserable.

Good news is I a much better than yesterday so tomorrow will be a wonderful day :o)

I have not felt like reading this week. I have mainly just been flipping thru my magazines dreaming, as usual, of the projects I want to do.

I need a big crown stencil for a project I have designed. I have searched the net but have been unable to locate one.

My sweet daughter made banana pudding to help me feel better. She is such a sweetie.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Awesome Fabric store

I visited The Rabbits Lair in Rogers, Arkansas yesterday. OH MY! such a treat. This place is awesome. They carry tons of fabric, wool, patterns, sewing aids and of course thread.

Down in their basement is the marked down fabric, patterns, ect. I was luck to leave there with the gold in my teeth.

They are displaying Sue Spargos trunk items and she will be teaching classes there next month. I just love the bright colors she uses as I really dislike the dull, dark colors most folk artist use. Her wall hangings are just beautiful. I purchased a couple of her books and one pattern before they sell out, as you know they will as soon as Sue arrives.

I will try to post a picture of the bag I am working on.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cute kitty

Playing opossum! Carter has to be in the middle of everything. (=^_^=)

I am feeling under the weather today. Old bones creaking and cracking every time I turn my head. So I am just surfing, reading, and of course eating grapes .

Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I saw the Tin man!

We were welcomed to the Emerald City upon our arrival in the theater.
Glenda's dress on stage was sooooo very beautiful. It just sparkled and shined. Glenda and Effie could really belt a song. Sometime the sound was so loud we could not understand the individual words. However the sound of their voices were so smooth and lovely.

Here is Lu before we entered the PAC.

We saw these bike things from the BOK center up to the PAC. Guess it would keep one from walking a long distance to the event you were attending.

Lu wants a smart car. This one was parked by us so she had to snap a pic.

This was the firs time we saw the BOK center as we do not hang around downtown very often. It is on HUGE beauty.
The buildings along 3ed street from the PAC down to the BOK have been all spiffed up. There are even a couple of beautiful murals painted. We had a car behind us so the picture did not come out well.
Since there is all kinds of road construction going on we arrived EARLY then drove down third and finally ended up at Ron's Burgers for a fast supper. Let me tell ya GREASE was the word for the meal. They put two slices of cheese on the burgers. Most have the onions cooked in. My burger was just gross with grease and cheese. I scrapped off the cheese and covered the meat in ketchup and it was still gross and way to spicy for me. Lu ordered a burger that had a slice of ham on top of the meat and cheese. We had the BEST onion rings I had the pleasure to eat in a long time along with okra. Like I said GREASE was the word.
Since I have not read WICKED the whole play was an adventure to me. I absolutely loved the ending. Lu is going to get the book so I will read it after her. She also wants to read Son of a Witch. I really liked the take on OZ this author had as it was very up beat.
Doing some cleaning this week end and then working on my quilt top.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009