Sunday, September 13, 2009

One cool Tool

I bought a Kindle for my daughter as an early birthday gift a few months back. She has raved about it since. Course it was NOT on sale when I purchased it :o(

Since I could not play on my computer since the electric cord stopped working I have been reading more. It seemed I was at WalMart every day or so buying more books. Last evening it was nearly midnight I was searching for a new book to read. I had just finished up Yasmine Galenorns' "A Harvest of Bones". I told my daughter this was the only one of her books I had seen at our WalMart. As it was the fourth in her series I wanted to get the first book and read forward.

Lulu said she was reading a "hard" book (paper) at the time so I could use her Kindle if I wanted to! Since she only had great things to say about it I finally gave in. Well! let me tell you I am a convert. It was such a cool experience. I sat in my den at nearly midnight, typed "Galenorn" into her Kindle and up pops all of the books by that author. I picked the first one in her series and in LESS than a minute the book had downloaded and I was reading!!!! The cost of the book was a little more (less than a dollar) than I would have paid for the paperback at WalMart! Just think of the gas I saved not to mention the the money I would have spent as I walked thru the store when I noticed things I "needed'. The only bad part is I am a fast reader so this could end up being kinda expensive if I decide not to wait until the new books arrive at the library. Any way I think I may be in LOVE with cool little devise.

Also the Kindle does not weigh very much so it is easier on my hands to hold which in turn puts less stress on my elbow.

The Kindle store is open 24/7. I could be in the middle of Grand Lake and still download a book! How awesome is that?

Off to finish my book :o)

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