Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sue Spargo Eye Candy

the quilt above is Sue Spargo design made by another lady whose name I can't remember. It was so very beautiful in person.
When I took Sues picture (see post below) she gave me permission to post these pictures. I can't post all of the pics I took as there were two unpublished quilts at the trunk show that she asked us not to post. Of course I forgot the two we can't show. So I am only posting the safe ones.

I absolutely love giraffes. This is such a cute quilt.

Close up of the giraffes.

Picture of one of the purses. My daughter wants the back pack Sue designed. I won't use as much wool in the one I make as the material is just too expensive.
I bought a bunch of decorators sample books so I will use that fabric to make a couple of purses and dd back pack.
Have a joy filled week.

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