Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We got snow again. LOTS more snow.

We decided to return unwanted, un needed or just not picked up Christmas gifts today. The TV kept saying there were no lines and LuLu is off today. So off to the stores we go.

The roads were not bad. We had a Mullins Plumbing truck about take us out at one light. Their van stopped on ice and the driver had to gun it good to get the van going again. Good thing he was a good driver.

We had a return to Sam's. Had to buy another box of croissants. YUM! Also found books for 4.47 each. I purchased Patricia Cornwells "Book of the Dead". I was surprised I missed one of her books. The others were best sellers that I had already read.

My old boss at the bank sent me a Christmas card with a Borders Books gift card in it. I usually shop at Barns & Nobles so the gift card gave me an excuse to check out Borders. The store was nice but I am just more comfortable at B&N.

I bought come new Stampington magazines and A dark chocolate candy bar. Needless to say I won't mind be snowed in tomorrow. :o) The roads were getting pretty bad by the time we got home. The temp dropped from 35 to 29 in a blink of the turn signal. I was glad LuLu was with me as I had her out in the blowing snow pumping the gas.

On a sadder note Mom is still in the hospital. We met with the Doctor this morning. She said mom has pneumonia. They caught it early so she should improve quickly. Moms eyes were red rimmed today and she was more than slightly cranky. I got tickled at her when she said she was just a little under the weather. Bless her heart she really feels a lot worse than she did yesterday.

Have a safe tomorrow and keep warm.

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