Sunday, January 3, 2010


Poor Mommy is still in the hospital. She is usually always wrapped in her snowman blanket shivering. This picture was taken in November before she got pneumonia. I am hoping she will be able to go back to the nursing home this week. She HATES the hospital. She says their food is awful and she freezes all the time. She now has two extra flannel blankets to help keep her toasty.

The snow on the deck did not have time to melt before the next wave of snow came in. It felt like 14 degrees out there per channel 6 weather team. I sure do believe them.

I think Lu's dog is the only one that loves to go out for a romp in the white stuff. I set the timer on the oven so I remember to make her come back in to the house after twenty minutes of play time. She was covered head to toe when I went to get her. Good thing dd keeps towels by the back door to dry BaiLea off. Her feet are the size of bread plates. They have a ton of snow packed into them. My floors are wet half the time from the snow melting from between her toes. Oh well, nothing a mop can't handle.

Meanwhile I have been reading, as usual. I finished my first books of 2010. Lorna Barret's "Booktown Mystery" series is a good cozy mystery. I have read all three of them thanks to the snow and have started on Victoria Laurie's "A Psychic Eye Mystery" series. I am really enjoying this one also. For a sister less person I really love reading sister mysteries.

I finished the first of Laurie's books this afternoon and thanks to my Kindel I have the second one on its way for me to read after I clean up after supper. That Kindel was a wonderful invention!

Off to clean the kitchen then to start reading Better Red than Dead. BTW: I am almost half thru the 12 in 2010 challenge. Sweet! (sometimes I read too much?)

Keep warm.


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