Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh the weather out side is frightful! But all my fur babies are nice and warm in the house with me. And guess what? We are under a WIND CHILL ADVISORY! Have you ever hear of such?

Yep. Our temp out side is ZERO! feels like 15 below. I do NOT live in
Alaska folks. I am in Oklahoma, USA. Course the news said it is even freezing in Florida.

Speaking of... I have been trying to locate a small "unknown" or "undiscovered" little town over in Florida close to the water that is reasonably priced (compare to Oklahoma) so I can move there. This cold and snow keeps me in the house. Not that I mind staying home but seriously folks I need a job. Oh to win the lottery! Course that would mean I would actually have to buy a ticket. :o) and since I am unemployed I do not waste money on a pipe dream. I only waste my free time on pipe dreams and since I am unemployed I have lots of free time.

Mom is still in the hospital. Sound like a broken record here. She did look a little better yesterday when Lu visited her. I am home with a massive ear infection so I did not get to visit. Since I am unemployed and uninsured I am just gonna have to tough it out. Fortunately I had some left over guaifenesin in the cabinet so I am popping two of those babies and drinking gallons of water, which it is always good to drink lots of water, right? Anyway it keeps the pressure on my ear within reason.

Keep warm it cold out there.



Terriaw said...

Zero is pretty cold, even for us here in the upper Midwest! Hope you're staying warm and getting healthy.

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about all the cold weather you Northern Hemisphere people are having. I must've sent you some of our "Down Under Summer" 'cos it's much cooler today. I was even shivering during my swim in the ocean this morning.