Saturday, January 16, 2010

Such Beauty and a smile

BaiLea just makes me laugh when she tries to "talk" to the camera. Gotta love that face.

I am sitting here watching CMT. Toby Keith's "Wayman's Song" just played. Even tho it is sad the world lost Wayman that song makes me smile. The beautiful smiles in the pictures of Wayman and his family just lift me up. And Toby Keith's voice. WOW. I think that song brings out the best of his vocal skills. All in all just a beautiful song about a beautiful guy sang beautifully by his friend.

In the mail today I received my Quilters Newsletter. So much beauty within the pages of this magazine. Harbor Lignthouse, Drink of Water, and Red Truck are so beautiful. Hope Springs in Cremona by Harumi Asada just took my breath away. That is just a few quilts on the first 19 pages. And the cuteness of "Finders Keepers" on page 50 just made me smile. The Blue Melon Patch put me in mind of the quilt along we are doing at Don't Look Now. My only complaint is the draping of "Pistachio Ice Cream" as I would love to see the whole quilt. All in all pages and pages of beautiful works of art.

I have to clean the studio today. Muddy paws ( see picture of 100 pound mutt above) thanks to our melted snow and "people" throwing junk in there to get it out of their way (Lu!) has made it unattractive and not very conducive to creativity.

Hope your day is filled with beauty and lots of smiles!


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