Friday, February 19, 2010


Ain't it beautiful? Picture it with beveled lead glass, and in door hardware.

Can you believe that people in construction supplies in Tulsa, Oklahoma does not know what a dutch door is? What is wrong with you people? You are employed at a Home Depot in the door department and have NO idea what a dutch door is. "oh well maybe someone can special order you one"!!!! Are you serious?!? YOU are the "someone" in charge of this department don't you think YOU should be the person to look it up?

Same thing happened at Lowe's. Have these people been raised in Castles? Tents? Mud huts? My ancestors came from tee pees and I know what a dutch door is.......and I love 'm and still what one in the kitchen leading to the wash room.

But guess what? I have to order it from the inter net and have it delivered here. Can't buy one in a local store.

Dutch door dot com had free shipping until Valentines day..... I just missed it.

Go figure.

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Julianna Cannon said...

I grew up with Dutch doors~ Love 'em! When I build a home I will definitely have one in the kitchen and pool house.