Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Beauty

How pretty is this quilt? I have it in line to make. I keep pulling out this pattern and moving it up in the stack of quilt tops to do this year. I just love the colors. All of her patterns just makes me smile as they are so very ***happy*** inducing.
My most favorite part of all, of course, is the cats hidden in the borders. LOVE, love, love those cats. I have already pulled most of the fabric. Really must find some small check fabric. MUST make this sooner!
Gloomy day here in the heartland. I have been straightening up the library. We purchased one paper back from many different authors from a book store going out of business in Joplin. I am stuck in para normal, cozy mystery loop lately. I need to find new series to read. So I thought this was the best way to "test" out some new (to me) series of books, at 65% off list no less. All that being said I have books stacked here and there and it looks rather junky (normal for me as I love my piles) so I need to carry in a new to me little wooden book shelf to add to my small reading space. The book shelf is in desperate need of a paint job so I was storing it until spring when I would be able to paint it. Oh well, at least it will look neater as my library is right off the entry.
Finished up a Harlan Coben book last evening. He is one of those guys that keeps me glued to my seat until I finish the whole book. I love his Myron Bolitar series. The guy is such a smart mouth. Drop Shot did not disappoint.
Vancouver please send us your 52 degree sun shinning weather as I need me some sunshine soon!
Go USA!!!

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Bud said...

Francy, this is a beautiful quilt. You need a longarm machine to quilt it. I am trying to contact you, but your e-mail bounces back and there is no answer on your phone. 866-317-0999